Our Favourite Ice Cream Parlours in Jaipur – #IceCreamDay

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Ice cream is without a doubt every one’s favourite dessert. Rich, creamy and crafted in a wide variety of flavours, the perfect scoop is all you need to celebrate this ‘Ice Cream Day’ (19 July).  Whether it is in the form of sandwiches, sundaes, cakes, on the cone or a scoop by itself, these are our favourite spots to get this delicious sweet treat in Jaipur.

Molly Moo

Locations:  C-Scheme, Vidyadhar Nagar and Vaishali Nagar

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 300 approx. (for two)

A dessert parlour like no other, Molly Moo has taken the Pink City by a storm with its array of eclectic ice cream flavours and innovative ice cream desserts. The brand boasts of pure vegetarian, low fat, and all natural ingredients. Starting with just one outlet, Molly Moo now has 3 branches in C-Scheme, Vidyadhar Nagar and Vaishali Nagar. Coming to menu, one can find some of the most innovative and creative ice cream desserts like – Waffle Sundaes, Candy Bars, Chocolate Sundaes, Ice Cream Rolls, Fresh Fruit Sundaes, Ice Cream Cakes, Ice Cream Shakes and much more at Molly Moo. Apart from the usual, they also offer unique ice cream flavours like Cotton Candy, Chilly Guava, Tiramisu, Irish Whiskey, Chocolate Whiskey, Anjeer and many more.

Naturals Ice Cream

Locations: C- Scheme

Pocket Pinch – Rs. 150 approx. (for two)

Serving since 1984, the brand has reinvented itself from ‘Natural’ to ‘Naturals – Taste the Original’. Following the unique ‘Slow Philosophy’, ‘Naturals’ has adopted ‘Time’ as their secret recipe. They believe in taking their time to slowly craft their rich and creamy ice creams. Known and preferred widely for their ‘Seasonal Ice Creams’, this is one of the few places to try out– Sitaphal, Litchi, Mango, Peach Apricot, Black Grapes, Kala Jamun, Jackfruit, Strawberry and Guava Ice Creams. They also have ‘Round The Year’ flavours like –   Tender Coconut, Chickoo, Mango, Kesar Pista, Choco Almonds, Malai, Roasted Almonds and many more.

Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlour

Location: MI Road

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 400 approx. (for two)

The OG ice cream parlour of Jaipur ‘Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlour’ was established way back in 1982. These master ice cream makers of Jaipur have finessed the craft and know exactly what their customers want and value it as much as the sweet treats they serve. When at ‘Jal Mahal’, one must order the Brownie, Manhattan Mania, Death by Chocolate Shake, Death by Chocolate Ice Cream or Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae. A great treat for any day of the week, this place also has ‘Ice Cream Pizzas’ in flavours like Strawberry, Black Forest, Pineapple, Blackcurrants, etc. Feeling left out because you can’t have sugar? No fear! Jal Mahal also has sugar free ice cream varieties like Vanilla, Butter Scotch, Kesar Pista, Mango and Cassata Slice.

Apsara Ice Creams

Location: C-Scheme, Vaishali Nagar and Malviya Nagar

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 200 approx. (for two)

Known for innovating and experimenting with unique flavours, Apsara Ice Creams has been a people’s favourite since 1971. Offering around 50 different flavours, the brand serves up quality ice creams delectable for all palates. Some of their popular flavours are Paan Ice Cream, Paani Puri Ice Cream, Guava Ice Cream, Belgian Chocolate, Waffle Cone and Roasted Almonds. Apart from this they also offer milkshakes, kulfis, sorbets and sugar free ice creams for diabetic and health conscious customers.

Indian Ice Cream and Kulfi Faluda

Location: Link Road, Bapu Bazaar and Masala Chowk

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 200 approx. (for two)

A Kulfi lovers heaven, ‘Indian Ice Cream and Kulfi Faluda’ is 60 years old and offers mouth-watering ‘Kulfi Falooda’. If you are in Bapu Bazaar then you have to try this place out. Their Kulfi Falooda has Kulfi, Ice Cream, Rabdi and Sharbet. This 3-generation family run business is visited by tourists and localites. Their most popular dishes include – Kulfi Falooda, Rabri, Falooda Ice Cream and Lassi.

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