Jaipur Diary – 4: Reflecting Pink City As It Is

A fortnightly diary of the Pink City by Jaipurwallah will reflect Jaipur in all its colours and nuances. WHEN THE SUPREMO COMES TO TOWN photo source Well, the Pink City hasn’t seen such a welcome spectacle in recent times. The BJP Supremo was in town—and all the hoardings, lamp post buntings, roundabouts had nothing but…


Ashish Vidyarthi motivates Jaipur’s FLO ladies to inspire their peers

Renowned Bollywood actor and motivational speaker, Ashish Vidyarthi was in the Pink City recently to address the Jaipur FLO members. In an interactive Avid Miner Pathway Conversation on the topic ‘Leadership & Peer Pressure’, Vidyarthi emphasized the importance of ‘Gift’ and ‘Inspiration’ in one’s life. Leadership is essentially living an inspired life, contended the avid…


Happy Birthday, Project Yugm!!

Jaipur’s Band ‘Project Yugm’ will be celebrating its first anniversary on 24 July at Maharana Pratap Auditorium. They have aptly called this performance ‘Yugm Day’. In a short span of one year, the band has performed in around 200 gigs including private and corporate concerts as well as for various social causes.

Here are 6 reasons why we absolutely love Diggi Palace

Diggi Palace is a royal heritage haveli located in the heart of Jaipur. The magnificent 18-acre palace is surrounded amidst an array of fresco painted ‘deodis’ (doorways), ‘durbars’ (banquet halls), ‘havelis’ (palace wings) and lush green gardens. The resplendent Diggi Palace was built by Shri Thakur Saheb Pratap Singh Diggi in 1860. The Diggi family owns…


A Sunday brunch in Jaipur you can’t miss out on!

A brunch essentially means a playful combination of breakfast and lunch. It is usually characterized by a cheerful and sociable gathering of people. Typical brunch food consists of sweet foods like pancakes, waffles and French toasts along with some savoury dishes. Nowadays, many restaurants and hotels have been introducing the concept of brunch owing to…