Panoti in Blunderland: A tale of friendship, love and courage

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If you’re looking to read a book that has elements of wit, sarcasm, humour and high voltage drama intermeshed with a love story, you must pick up ‘Panoti in Blunderland’ by Pawan Jangid. The story revolves around the experiences of a boy with a name so weird that you can’t guess it even in the wildest of your guesses — Paneerchand Okaatmal Tikka aka Panoti.

Panoti in Blunderland
Panoti in Blunderland

Though I’m not a fan of Indian fiction but thanks to the kind gesture of the author of sending over the book, I read a book of this genre after a long time. What grabbed my attention the most in the book is the way in which the writer has portrayed what the protagonist is feeling. The reason why the reader can instantly connect with Panoti is because his character comes alive greatly with the wise use of words.

Even though the book is high on drama, one can still connect with the storyline due to the realistic emotions and feelings such as anxiety, fear, love and guilt that are beautifully described.

The writer’s obsession with the letter ‘P’ is something that can’t go unnoticed. The fact that not just the title of the book, names of the main characters but also all thirty three chapters begin with the letter ‘P’ is incredible. It is a clear reflection of the thought and hard work put in by the author into the programming of the book.

Being a Jaipur girl, the parts of the book that mention the historic Nahargarh Fort and elucidate on the divine feeling one experiences at the top of the hillock deserve a special mention from me.

The way in which the author describes the view of a sky full of stars above and the dazzling Pink City underneath coupled with heart to heart talks with a close friend after guzzling several drinks takes you right back to your carefree college days. Be it a day to rejoice or mourn – Nahargarh is always the hot spot for us, Jaipurites and this feeling is meticulously described by Pawan.

Brownie Points for mentioning ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, one of my all time favourite books. For me, the book is a winner firstly, because of the way it connects one with its characters and story and secondly for the feelings around which the story is woven – friendship, love and courage! I guess that’s all you really need in life – a bit of all three!

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