Party Junkies Groove to the Sizzling Beats of DJ Aqeel and DJ Lloyd at Aenigma

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Aenigma the city’s largest nightclub opened its door at the grand Jaipur Marriott recently. ‘Aenigma’ has the aura of the biggest nightclub in Jaipur as the partygoers witnessed the dazzling DJ night with DJ Aqeel and DJ Lloyd. Bollywood smash ups were in the air as the party was the greatest shindig Pink city has ever seen!

The club was decked up in neon highlights in every curve and corner. The two-level nightclub had a luxurious lounge and bar style seating area with a polished wood dance floor. The club also featured an upper deck seating area with soft and low sofas. The bar is designed especially with a honeycomb style structure with bottles encased in each section. Throughout the club one can see modern interior design trends with fashionable bar décor.

The menu of the club has vast offerings from wraps & rolls, pizza & pasta to bowl meals and popular Asian platters. For all the sweetooths the options didn’t fail to please either. With unique recipes like Green Tea Matcha Cream Brulee and Thandai Mousse Cake to the traditional and much-favoured Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream and baked cheesecake. Signature delicious cocktails with quirky names like Sex on the Brain, Kiss me Better, Swallow it, among others were also being served. For those of you partying in a group you can opt for the ‘Shared Cocktails’ which serve up to 4 people. The nightclub surely deserves a visit from everyone who is looking for a good time out with their friends.


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