Spaces in Spaces: A spellbinding photography exhibition by Kathago at JKK

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Space has limitless dimensions but it is brought into being by the perceiving eye. Jawahar Kala Kendra is a space that defies the singularity of space. The ‘Spaces in Spaces’ photography exhibition focuses on JKK’s fecundity of spaces.

A walk through the Surekh and Sukriti Art Galleries of Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) between 20 and 27 September left visitors in sheer awe. A photography exhibition ‘Spaces in Spaces’, through a myriad display of unique perspectives, showed how one architectural space holds countless spaces within itself.

Organized by ‘Kathago’ — a group of seven shutterbugs, the exhibition featured as many as 46 photographs of JKK clicked between the years 2004 to 2021. The photographers behind the exhibition revel in JKK as a space that welcomes them and gives them the productive and creative push toward their photography. “A distinctive feature of this architectural marvel designed by Charles Correa is that it keeps changing throughout the day with the movement of light. The capture of a spot at daybreak will be quite different from that clicked in the evening. Light plays a great role in changing the look of the space. The exhibition tries to document the space through diverse perspectives formed with the interplay of light and shadow”, explains Arvind Jodha of Kathago.

It is almost inevitable for any visitor to miss that most of the architectural frames exhibited in the show are in black and white. On being asked the reason for this, Arvind adds: “Monochrome photography enhances the architectural beauty of any space. The silhouettes, geometry and breathing space of JKK are portrayed much more deftly when shown in black and white. However, some photographs, especially where characters are portrayed, need colour. The beauty of clicks like a behrupiya artiste savouring a cup of tea, an old man playing  violin while the Indian Coffee House is abuzz with its daily visitors or a copy of the book ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy lying on a table strewn with flowers just after a bout of rain, comes alive better in colour.” These exhibits show that how not just light and shadow but characters and their physicality also constantly transform spaces.  

Literally translating as storytelling, ‘Kathago’ aims to add more photography enthusiasts to its group and keep the legacy of the great art alive. For this, the group holds regular ‘Print Meetings’ at JKK which are open to all and requires the attendees to bring a print of their photographs. A meaningful discussion on the perspective and nuances of the photograph is then held between the members. The aim is to encourage others to click photographs and print them, have discussions and tell beautiful stories through them.

A visitor at the exhibition aptly remarked: ” I got to see many new perspectives of Jawahar Kala Kendra in the exhibition. It interprets JKK in a unique way and the works displayed here beautifully narrate the story of the space.” 
The ‘Spaces in Spaces’ exhibition is open for public viewing till 27 September from 11 am to 7 pm in the Surekh and Sukriti Galleries in JKK. The photographers participating in the exhibition are – Suman Sarkar, Anjali Shekhawat, Arvind Jodha, Jainish Vig, Rahul K. Rajoriya, Rajesh Jamaal and Vipul Sokhiya.

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