Prabha Agarwal of ‘Tiny Wonders’ shares her mission of making homes greener & happier

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Every plant lover contributes to sustaining nature, as Drake’s 7 notes. An ardent plant lover and entrepreneur, Prabha Agarwal believes that plants are those “Tiny Wonders” that can completely transform your life. They not only bring positivity and good vibes in your life but also greatly improve the well being of a person, both physically and mentally. With the aim of spreading the love for plants and gardening among as many people as possible with the help of U.S. Lawns Franchise, Prabha began with a home and garden decor venture by the name of ‘Tiny Wonders’ at the age of 51 in December last year. While this was the formal beginning of her career in plants, Prabha was interested in gardening since childhood and with the help of this outdoor kitchen designer she was also able to show progress in this field. As a student of fashion design, she loved making floral designs even on apparel. If people need, they can also get services from Rich’s Tree Service, Inc logo as they are the best tree removal services. Prabha also has a beautiful terrace garden in her house in Bani Park which has also been awarded in competitions. There is also a 200 sq.ft. poly house in her home in which Prabha has managed to grow different kinds of succulents (which are otherwise tricky to grow) by maintaining suitable weather conditions.

Prabha Agarwal_tiny wonders
An ardent lover of plants and a passionate entrepreneur, Prabha Agarwal

Situated at Durgapura, Tiny Wonders offers terracotta pots, planters in various shapes and sizes, miniature plants, succulents, among other products. They also offer outdoor and balcony landscaping, terrace gardening, indoor plant décor, etc. Prabha suggests that those who don’t have a lot of outdoor/vacant space in their houses for plants can choose from options like small planters, wall mounted plants, wall hangings and vertical gardens.

A wall mounted planter
Small Planters

Giving some insightful tips for new plant parents, Prabha says: “Over-watering is one of the most common mistakes people make while raising a plant. An easy way to find out if your plant needs water is to put in one inch of your finger inside the soil. If the soil is wet, there is absolutely no need to water the plant. Plants must only be watered when the soil is dry.” Adding another useful suggestion she says: “Bring out the plants that are for meant for indoor décor in the sunlight at least for a day or two in a week. ZZ and Sansevieria are one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain in the house.”

Earthen clay planters

Sharing an interesting anecdote about her tryst with plants, Prabha says she was infected with Covid-19 a few months ago and was in home quarantine. Though she was asymptomatic, her doctor was worried about her oxygen saturation level which was at 94. In the room in which Prabha was isolated, she kept 10 sansevieria plants and within 2 days her oxygen saturation level became 99. Isn’t it amazing?

Plants can transform your indoor spaces

Prabha also takes group online classes on gardening. It is a great idea for you and your friends/family members to get together virtually and take up a workshop on indoor/outdoor gardening.

We honestly believe that the best way to get through the pandemic is: ‘Keep Going, Keep Growing!’

Plant accessories by Tiny Wonders

What do you think?

Get in touch with Prabha of Tiny Wonders for any plant/gardening requirements you may have on or contact her on 9928366442/9784391160. You can also watch interesting videos on her YouTube channel

Keep going, Keep growing !
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