#FOOD REVIEW A hidden gem for fine dining in Crowne Plaza, Jaipur is offering their guests an opportunity to indulge in the splendour of traditional delicacies of the Thar region.
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The Crowne Plaza in Jaipur has always been synonymous with delectable Chinese cuisine at the House of Han. However, my recent visit to the hotel led me to discover a hidden gem for fine dining – The Royal Root. The restaurant offers a tastefully done set up, soothing live instrumental music, and authentic recipes that are crafted to perfection, making it a must-try.

For their special gastronomic curation of ‘Forgotten Recipes of Thar’, the restaurant’s culinary maestros have taken it upon themselves to revive the long-forgotten recipes of the Thar region and offer their guests an opportunity to indulge in the splendour of traditional delicacies. This unique and authentic dining experience is a welcome break from the fusion food that has become common in many restaurants these days.

An indulgent affair

To begin the regal culinary sojourn at The Royal Root, one can start with the Murgh Shorba, Dahi ka Shorba, or Makai Ki Raab, which are all flavourful and comforting soups. For non-vegetarians, the starters like ‘Umarkot ke Silbatte Kebab’, made using stone minced lamb cooked in subtle spices, and ‘Jaslmadi machi’, charcoal grilled fish marinated to perfection with mustard and other spices, are must-try dishes. Vegetarians can savour the Sangri ki Shami and Bajre aur Pudine Ke kebab, both of which are equally delicious.

Moving on to the main course, The Royal Root offers an array of dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The Khad Murgh, a traditional slow-cooked chicken preparation cooked with stone-rubbed spices, and Chuley Ka Shikaar, tender lamb cooked on wooden fire infused with regional spices like patthar ke phool and nag kesar, are both unmissable dishes that are bursting with flavour.

For those looking to try something different than the usual ker sangri, I highly recommend sampling the Panchkuta, a mix of indigenous dried vegetables and berries that are packed with great taste. In addition to these dishes, the restaurant also offers some unique and innovative vegetarian options such as the Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi, which features succulent dumplings of deep-fried cottage cheese, cooked in a rich gravy infused with the sweetness of Gulab Jamun. The Rabodi ki Sabzi, made using dried corn papad, and Pitthod Ki Sabzi, steamed gram flour dumplings cooked in yogurt gravy, are also quite unique and definitely worth a try.

For those with a sweet tooth, I highly recommend trying the Churma and Gur Bajre Ke Laddu. To round off the meal, sip on the refreshing paan shots, which are a perfect way to cleanse the palate after the indulgent meal.

Simple ingredients and authentic flavours

Telling more about the festival, Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Chef De Cuisine of Crowne Plaza says: “To create the menu, the culinary team has researched in the rural pockets of Rajasthan and consulted with the ladies who cook in homes to find out the traditional recipes. They use ingredients such as sour curd for the curries, spices like fresh haldi, red chillies, pepper, onion, and garlic, which are ground on the silbatta. Women have been called from outside especially for this festival to make rotis such as tikkad and bejad ki roti in an authentic way on a mitti ka tawa and choolah.”

Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Chef De Cuisine of Crowne Plaza

The restaurant’s dedication to quality is evident in their attention to detail, from the candlelight setup to the regal interiors that make for a truly luxurious dining experience. The ambience of the restaurant adds to the charm of the authentic Rajasthani cuisine, making it a perfect destination for those who enjoy fine dining.

When: 10 March to 19 March, 7.30 pm onwards
Where: The Royal Root, Crowne Plaza Jaipur

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