Relish Delicacies from the Ancient ‘Silk Route’ at Jaipur Marriott’s Okra

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Culinary delicacies from countries that once served as an integral part of the ancient ‘Silk Route’ converge at the ‘Silk Route’ food festival at Hotel Jaipur Marriott’s restaurant Okra. The festival presents a tempting assembly of mouth-watering cuisines from East Asia and Southeast Asia as well as East Africa, West Asia and Southern Europe under one roof.

The festival is culinary discovery of the ancient Silk Route. Live stations offer mouth-watering cuisines from Europe, India, Egypt, Arabia, Somalia, Persia, China, Java and the Mediterranean.

The historic trade route ran across India connecting China and the Mediterranean in the past. Guests can sample the distinct cuisines of diverse locations on the route.

The festival will be on till 31 March from 7 pm to 11.30 pm on all days.

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