Resin art helps me channelize my energy in a creative way: Arzoo Bajaj

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“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. “

Oscar Wilde

We were recently invited for the opening of a Resin Art Exhibition by Arzoo Bajaj in Jaipur. Arzoo Bajaj is a resin artist whose art is driven by emotions and thoughts. She brings out these emotions through colours on a canvas as a beautiful abstract art.

Telling us about what resin art exactly is, Arzoo says: “Resin Art is a kind of fluid art. It is a liquid chemical which when mixed with hardener takes 2-3 days to cure and become hard and clear like glass. There are specific colour pigments for it. Resin can be poured like any other liquid and it is how you pour that creates different effects.”

“Resin is a chemical in liquid form so one needs to take precautions for hands and clothes.  One also  needs to use mask and glasses throughout the process”, adds Arzoo giving a word of caution.

When asked what art means to her, she says: “For me, art is a form of expression and art lets my emotions flow. Resin art helps me channelize my energy in a creative way as it lets me play with colours and feel them.”

Talking about the piece closest to her heart, Arzoo says: “Sun-lunar Eclipse is one of my favourite art pieces because it portrays the beautiful love story of sun and moon. Love is a happy emotion and I try my best to bring happiness and calmness through my art works. And this art piece also includes my hand drawn mandala along with resin art which makes it even more close to my heart.”

Arzoo plans to travel to different cities and showcase her artwork and make people aware about this art work through exhibitions and workshops. 

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Tusharika Singh

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