Ritu Singh is Rajasthan Government Nominee on Council of Architecture

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Ritu Singh, Principal  Architect at her Jaipur based firm Design Architects has been appointed as a member of Council of Architecture, the statutory  body  of Government of India regulating architecture profession and education in India.

She has been included as the nominee of Rajasthan government and her current tenure will be up to June 2023.

An architect of repute,  she has designed  over a hundred  institutional buildings in Rajasthan which has benefited millions of people. Her firms undertake all kind of architectural works and services but  designing  institutional buildings such as universities, medical colleges, hospitals, engineering colleges are core to her passion.

Reacting to her nomination, Ritu Singh expressed her gratitude to Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot for  nominating her by recognizing her contribution to architecture. She said her effort would be to ensure high standards  in profession and education taking inspiration from some of the architectural landmarks that Rajasthan is known for.

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