Here are 6 reasons why we absolutely love Diggi Palace

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Diggi Palace is a royal heritage haveli located in the heart of Jaipur. The magnificent 18-acre palace is surrounded amidst an array of fresco painted ‘deodis’ (doorways), ‘durbars’ (banquet halls), ‘havelis’ (palace wings) and lush green gardens.

The resplendent Diggi Palace was built by Shri Thakur Saheb Pratap Singh Diggi in 1860. The Diggi family owns and looks after the Palace and ensures services and facilities are delivered with utmost professionalism.

Here are 6 Things we absolutely love about Diggi Palace

1. The Baradari Mahal

Baradari Mahal is a restro-lounge where you can relax in a calm atmosphere and enjoy recipes meticulously curated over the years by the Diggi family. This place provides its visitors the area to come and spend their time in a place which is not vibrant but where one can find a cosy corner and relax. It is mainly famous for the Indian cuisine and European Food, some preferred dishes are Sizzlers, Jungle Maas and Murg Malai Tikka.

2. Architecture

Diggi Palace was earlier a singular property. As the time passed, the land on which the property is built underwent renovations whenever a new heir was chosen. However, the hotel remained untouched till 1986. The refurbished land on which the heritage hotel sits, consists of two banquet halls, the Baithak and the Durbar Hall. The Durbar Hall is 12 ft long stone slab and sands where used to fill the roofs to keep the ceiling in place, known as “Ladaan”.

3. Hospitality at Diggi Palace

The Palace represents the hard work of Thakur Ram Pratap Singh Diggi and Thakurani Jyotika Kumari Diggi . Their hospitality is one of the major attractions of the Palace. The Diggi Family has served its guests utmost professionalism and maintained continued high standards.

The guests of the Palace are specially cared for by the family. Each guest is treated with respect and dignity. The family makes sure their guests feel at home by spending time with them. They also trying to fix any problems the guests may face during their stay in the hotel. The hotel also provides transportation facilities to their guests.

The staff of the hotel are trained under the guidance of best people in the hospitality industry. It mainly focuses on the two ‘Qs’ quality and quantity.

 4. Festivities & Celebrations

The Diggi family celebrates festivals with full pomp and show. The Palace celebrates major festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year and much more. During these times the palace can be seen decorated beautifully with lights and traditional wall decor. The hotel’s main hall, exterior and interior are all very well decorated. The in-house restaurant serves tradition dishes to represent any particular festival. The staff also joins in on the festivities and dresses up in traditional festival attire. The hotel ensures that both local and international tourists get the chance to celebrate Indian festivals to their heart’s content.

5. Jaipur Literature Fest (JLF)

Jaipur Literature Festival is the world’s largest free literary festival which is held every year in January. The 5-day festival features a  remarkable collection of authors from across the world. The festival consists of  numerous book readings, debates and discussions at Diggi Palace.

The Diggi family has been hosting this event since last 13 years. Initially, it was hosted by the family alone but now it has collaborated with TeamWork Arts. The event attracts thousands of footfalls from over over the country. The Diggi Family now find it as a part of their family which meets once in a year for a small get-together of 5 days.

6. Events and Exhibitions

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Diggi Palace provides a platform for a wide variety of event. Shows related to art and culture, music and dance are often held here. Some of the major events held here are the Sufi Festival, Art Festival, Colorstrokes, Nine dot Square, among others.

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