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Jaipur’s first lounge bar on wheels, Steam’tops the charts when it comes to the ‘Must Visit Places of Pink City’. Whether you are a tourist on a weekend getaway to Jaipur or a local dweller of the city, we would suggest that it is almost mandatory to visit Steam.

Built inside the steam engine BK 4, the lounge promises to offers you a truly royal experience that will be etched in your memory for a long time. Historically speaking, the BK 4 was brought to Jaipur’s  Rambagh Palace on May 15, 1996 from Burdwan, Kolkata by Maharaj Prithviraj of Jaipur who has always been passionate about steam engines. The engine has been meticulously worked upon by a dedicated team of craftsmen and technicians lead by Rao Angad Singh. Today it stands tall with tastefully executed interiors done in rich sun lemon with hints of cobalt blue.

The majestic BK 4
The majestic BK 4

And now with a launch of its new menu, Steam is all set to take you on a sojourn of Mediterranean as well as Italian cuisine. The all time classics of Steam have been combined with flavours from Mediterranean cuisine such as Empanadilla, Sigara Borek and Souvlaki.

The beverage menu, apart from  the choicest of wines and whiskey, also offers some invigorating cocktails and shooters like Fresh Fruit Maritini, Whiskey Smash, Mandarin Mojito and  the good old LIT. Some interesting spritzers (sparkling wine with fruit puree) like Lemon & Mint and Watermelon & Basil could also be given a try. If you are too confused about what to order, just go for the ‘Cocktail of the Day’ and you’re sorted. Don’t worry if you do not indulge in spirits, the Homemade Ginger Ale will surely leave you refreshed.

Mandarin Mojito
Whiskey Smash
Whiskey Smash

The use of railway vocabulary in the food menu is worth noting. The sumptuous food journey at Steam begins with the ‘Green Signal’. The wide offering of appetizers includes dishes like Harissa Spiced Shrimp Skewers, Tandoori Fried Chicken Tenders, Mediterranean Nachos,  Falafel Wrap and Hummus bi tahina with Pita Bread.

Falafel Wrap
Steam _Jaipur
Mediterranean Nachos

Needless to say, the dishes tasted as good as they looked.

Another interesting item on board is the feta cheese and spinach filled ‘Sigara Borek’. You will be bound to ask for more.

The pizzas of Steam fall into the all time favourite category or “Legendary Steam Locomotives” as they call it. Do visit the Live Pizza Counter to witness the process of rolling the freshly made dough. The burnt wood flavour of these pizzas can only be experienced, not described. We suggest the Verdura (brocolli, zucchini, asparagus and jalapeno), the Steam Special (chicken tikka, mint and coriander) or simply the Margarita pizza (tomato, cheese and fresh basil).

Margarita Pizza
Margarita Pizza

No matter how much food you gorge on, DO NOT MISS THE FINAL STOP! Desserts, to be precise. Ommali or the Egyptian style bread and butter pudding served with palace made cinnamon ice cream is,literally, to die for! And if you are still not ridden by palate fatigue, you can try the all time classic New York Cheese Cake or Tiramisu.


New York Cheese Cake

Situated in the majestic Rambagh Palace, the restro-bar is operational from 1900 hrs to 2345 hrs daily. Both indoor and outdoor seating options are available. However, do not forget to book a table in advance! Contact +91 141 6671234 for booking an unforgettable experience.

Outdoor Seating at Steam
Outdoor Seating at Steam

Do share with us what you like the most about Steam!

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