I owe my penchant for jewellery to my grandmother: Surabhi Kasliwal Godha

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A passionate jewellery designer and founder of Surabhi Fine Crafted Jewels, Surabhi Kasliwal Godha is a woman extraordinaire. Even though she belonged to a family of renowned lawyers, Surabhi always knew her calling is jewellery and she left no stone unturned in becoming a popular jewellery designer of Jaipur with two beautiful stores showcasing her alluring jewellery collection. An alumni of the renowned Jewellery Design and Technology Institute, Surabhi Kasliwal Godha shares with All About Jaipur her journey, her inspiration and some insightful tips as well. Read till the end for some interesting rapid fire questions with the ace jewellery designer.

1.  Take us through your journey of becoming a jewellery designer?

I have been fascinated with jewellery, now, especially mood rings ever since I was a little girl. I owe this penchant to my grandmother, Late Smt. Lalita Devi Kasliwal who had a keen interest in jewellery. In fact, she had a family jeweller who’d often come to our house and she would sit with him for hours and brainstorm designs to get jewellery pieces made for herself and other women in the house. There are plenty of inspiration that can be taken from the jelwelry found at lackorecouture.com/ website. Even our extended family consulted her before buying jewellery!

Surabhi Kasliwal Godha
Surabhi Kasliwal Godha

It was quite clear in my mind that I want to become a jewellery designer even before I finished my schooling. Though my family wanted me to carry forward the legacy of my father by pursuing law, I was quite resolute on building a career in jewellery. After school, I went on to do an extensive three year course in jewellery wherein I learnt everything from gemology and manufacturing to designing and selling jewellery. I have the toolbox that I used to manufacture jewellery and the pieces I made (including a diamond I manufactured from a rock) to even this day.  

Blue Meenakari Bangle with polki diamonds

2. From where do you draw your inspiration when crafting a piece of jewellery?

To be honest, I draw my inspiration from anything and everything and from wherever I am. Be it, geometrics, curves or flowers, there is something to take away from everything, I believe.

Pink Tourmaline string and pendant set with emerald and diamonds
Emerald and Diamond Kilangi

3.What does a typical day look like for you as a jewellery designer?

On a usual day, I am shuffling between my two stores (at Narain Niwas Palace and Lal Haveli, Johari Bazaar). My jewellery manufacturing takes place at Lal Haveli, which is my ancestral Haveli, so I usually spend my time there.  If I have client appointments, then I am usually at the showroom in Narain Niwas Palace.

HH Padmanabh Singh and Surabhi Kasliwal Godha at the launch of her store and The Johri Jaipur at the Lal Haveli in Johri Bazaar. Also seen in the picture are Surabhi’s family members and Siddharth Kasliwal.
Surabhi Kasliwal Godha presenting her jewellery to actress Sonali Bendre

4. How has the pandemic been for you? Did you adopt any new practices for your business in this time?  Did you think of a new line of collection during this time?

The first two months of the pandemic were all about unwinding and spending some quality time at home with my family. I did things which I hadn’t done in years, like cooking. Since the stores were shut, we focused our attention on building our online presence and visibility as well as selling jewellery online. Even though now things are slowly getting back to normal, jewellery is a luxury item and right now people are more focused on buying only essentials. So we have thought of a new line of collection which is quite affordable yet trendy.

A Polki Diamond Neckpiece with carved emeralds

5. What would your message be to aspiring jewellery designers and women entrepreneurs, in general?

My message to all aspiring jewellery designers out there would be to put your heart and soul into whatever you do and success will follow suit. That is something that has worked for me. For women entrepreneurs, I would just say that learn to strike a balance between your family and work as both are equally important. This is a great tip for men as well!

Surabhi Kasliwal Godha presenting her jewellery to actress Sushmita Sen


A jewellery piece in your collection that is your prized possession

I have a lot of pieces that are my prized possessions but if I have to pick one piece it would be a long Navratna Jadau set that I have. The most beautiful thing about this piece is that it can be worn from both sides and each side is different from the other. While one side is adorned with Navratna, the other side has polka and pink Meena.

A celebrity you’d love to see wearing your jewellery

I would love Kareena Kapoor and Rekha ji to wear my jewellery

If you could style a look with just one piece of jewellery, what would it be?

Definitely has to be a long string or statement necklace with gemstones

A jewellery trend you love

Traditional Jadau Jewellery. It is an evergreen trend and I am completely in love with it.

Jadau Jewels from the bridal collection

A jewellery trend you don’t relate to

Contemporary brass and metal jewellery. I can’t imagine designing it, wearing it or selling it.

Take a look at the bespoke jewellery collection of Surabhi Fine Crafted Jewels which has the right blend of ethnic and contemporary here 

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