Pamper your plants like they’re your children: Nalini Mutha

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We are all well aware of the importance plants hold in our lives. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown, we are spending increasingly more time at our homes. This has led to a growing interest of people in plants. In fact, terraces, balconies and even bedrooms are being used to make peaceful green spaces in the house. We got in touch with a passionate plant lover from Jaipur, Nalini Mutha from The Garden Shop By Nalini to know her journey and take some tips from her in gardening.

Q1. What made you start a venture in gardening and garden products? How did you develop an interest in gardening?

I always had a passion for Plants and a great love of nature since childhood. Source to this comes from my mother who was an avid gardener. This love affair continued even after my marriage. My in-laws had a huge and beautiful garden which allowed me to pursue my passion.

After both my children got married and moved away, my loneliness and the empty nest syndrome led me to spend more and more time in my garden. I referred to a gardening service, and this company helped me make my garden prettier. I ventured into gardening products as well. I had many other hobbies like jewellery designing, cooking, craft, painting, singing, shopping etc. I still do all these things but the passion I have for gardening is much greater than any other and gives me much more happiness. I also take help from for lawn and gardening help.

Q2. When we are spending increasingly more time at home these days, how important have plants become to bring positivity and good vibes in your life?

With most of us spending increasingly more and more time at home, gardening is a great stress buster that should be explored. Plants create more than oxygen. They spread positivity and peace in your home and create a healthy atmosphere.

Plants are also the best company. Especially in times like these! You can easily spend hours talking with them and working with them. Some indoor plants are also good oxygen generators which you really need in these times of Covid19.

Q3. What are some of the unique products and services available at Garden shop?

My constant endeavour is to always try and create something new, unique and creative.

I innovate with plants to create something which will add beauty to your home and be a treat for your eyes. Some of our bestseller products are miniature gardens on plates and rocks, tray gardens and terrariums and plants in wall hangers. We also offer decoupage products for home decor and utility and offer garden landscaping services.

Of late, I am also conducting online workshops and gardening and decoupage classes.

Q4. Some home gardening tips for beginners? How to take care of plants and keep them alive?

Light, air, sun, water and soil are the five main things to keep in mind for beginners in gardening

Before planting or making your garden, you should know the needs of the plants you are working with. Some need a good amount of sunlight and some less, but every plant needs good light, air and good soil with all the nutrients. Watering should be done carefully as over or under watering will make your plant die. Adequate amount of water will keep them healthy.

If you are a beginner try to keep plants in front of your eyes as a rule (out of sight out of mind)

Spend time with them, touch them, shower them, feel them, talk to them and pamper them like your child to keep them healthy.

Q5. How should a person who doesn’t have a lot of outdoor space in their homes incorporate plants inside their houses?

It is not necessary to have lots of outdoor space for gardening. You can create a beautiful garden in the smallest of spaces like a balcony, a verandah or even inside your house – in your living room or bedroom.

Plants grow easily with proper care. There are hundreds of indoor and low light plants that you can easily grow inside and in small spaces, creating beautiful corners.

If you have small balconies with lots of sunlight for around 6 hours you can even grow vegetables and flowering plants. I have small balconies and I am growing thousands of small plants, some even in my bedroom and living room!

The only thing to remember is you must choose the right plants for the right place. Stay safe, stay at home and do lots of gardening. You will never feel lonely or deprived.

Feeling inspired to get a plant or take a workshop? Get in touch with The Garden Shop by Nalini

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