Jaipur through a Brazilian eye: The story of Jaipur By Marcela

jaipur by marcela
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Meet Marcela Baur, more popularly known as ‘Jaipur By Marcela’. She hails from Brazil but knows Jaipur better than most localites. A psychologist turned city influencer, Marcela runs an Instagram blog that is the new-age digital guide of Pink City and the go-to place for anyone looking for recommendations in Jaipur. Be it gyms, salons, cafés, bakers, apparel, home décor, laundry services, you name it and she has a useful tip for everything under the sun in Jaipur. The blog has now turned into a close-knit community of over 11,000 followers that stands out owing to the two-way interaction between the various members and the creator herself.

“When I moved to Jaipur 8 years ago with my family, I used to explore the city extensively to find things similar to what I used to have back in Brazil. This led me to gather quite a lot of information about the Pink City and I used to share these tips with my friends residing here in Jaipur – both from abroad and even the local ones. My friends soon started suggesting that I should share these experiences and knowledge in a professional way as I have more knowledge than those who were born here. This led to the birth of ‘Jaipur By Marcela’ ”, shares Marcela while talking about how the idea of becoming a digital creator came to her mind.

jaipur by marcela

A skill that has helped Marcela in becoming a popular city influencer is her presence of mind and eagerness to gather little snippets of information from here and there and portray them in an interesting way for her followers.  Being a psychologist and having an experience in building social relationships in her previous job as an HR personnel in Brazil has also helped her to form a strong connection with people in Pink City.

Sharing the most memorable experience in her journey as a digital creator in Jaipur, Marcela says: “For me, the biggest landmark was when I registered Jaipur By Marcela as a legal and official company back in 2019. Another big milestone was when I reached 10,000 followers on my blog. However, right now in Jaipur it is difficult to pursue a sustainable career in blogging without any financial support.”

jaipur by marcela

Giving a word of advice for aspiring content creators, Marcela says: “The most important thing is to humanize your blog to make it more engaging and relatable. Just like any other field, having a great passion for what you do is essential to be a successful influencer. Follow the luminaries in the field you are in and keep updating your knowledge. Ultimately, it is vital to be useful to your audience to build a connection. ”

jaipur by marcela

In order to share a genuine review about a place with her followers, Marcela does an interesting series known as ‘Hidden Camera’ wherein she goes to a place unannounced and then reveals her de-facto experience. Apart from places to visit in Jaipur, one will also find on her blog tips and feedback about movies, books, doctors, recipes, and what have you! To sum it, Jaipur By Marcela is a lifestyle guide for the best side of the Pink City through the eyes of a Brazilian with an Indian heart! Go check out her stunning page on Instagram here and do let us know how you like it!

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