These Metal Scrap Art installations will blow away your mind

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In a record-breaking period of 10 days as many as 10 larger than life scrap metal sculptures have been readied by talented artists at Hotel Clarks Amer as a part of the All-India Scrap Metal Art Symposium. The event has been organised by Help In Suffering to commemorate 40 years of ‘helping suffering animals and all living things’. Ten artists from around the country created large sculptures of Indian animals and birds to raise funds for the charity through a round-the-year online international auction.

Sunny Shridhar from Surat has created a 12-ft Stallion running atop a Rajasthani fort. The piece weighs 1500 kgs. Ratan Saha from Mumbai crafted a Bull weighing 500 kgs and 6 ft in height. Popular artist from Jaipur Ankit Patel has showcased the power of cat with a sculpture inspired from three of his own cats. Artist, Hansraj Chitrabhoomi from Jaipur has made a Camel standing tall at 14 ft and weighing 1500 kgs.

Similarly, Padmini Sinh Chouhan from Ahmedabad has crafted an Owl which is 14 ft tall and weighs 1000 kgs. Artist-duo, Ritu Singh and Surya Singh from Jaipur have made a Shadow Puppet Dog. Other artists include – Appalaraju Surakala from Chittor who created Elephant,  Prafful Singh from Mumbai who created  Rhinoceros, Ramandeep Singh from Punjab who created Flycatcher Bird and Yogesh Prajapati from Punjab who created Pig.

Help In Suffering (HIS) is a leading animal welfare charity of India that is responsible for keeping Jaipur rabies free for the last 12 years and controlling the city’s street animal population through its Animal Birth Control Programme, which is recognized around the world for the good work it has done for 25 years. The HIS Animal Rescue Programme treats 35-40 cases every day.

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