Things to do while you’re in Jaipur!

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Jaipur, the Pink city of India, is a popular tourist, wedding, shopping as well as business destination. Whatever reason you might be here for, you can never really be bored of the city. From orgasmic  food to hog  to a wide array of things to shop, to eye catchy sight seeing destinations, Jaipur has it all. Here is a list of things to do while you’re in Jaipur:

#Things to do in Jaipur – Go on a historical tour. (Personally, my favourite thing to do in Jaipur)

Jaipur boasts of several historical places and monuments. Though they can all be covered in a day, it might get a little tiring.


Home to the rulers of Jaipur since 18th century, it is a stunning blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture. It is symbolic of the wealth of the former ‘maharajas’ and their lavish patronage of the arts. Today the complex is open to the public as the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum, popularly known as City Palace museum.

Things to do in Jaipur - City_Palace_Jaipur


Out of the five observatories built by Sawai Jai Singh II, the one in Jaipur is the largest. Jai Singh was a keen astronomer and was aware of the latest astronomical studies in the world and was inspired by the work of Mirza Ulugh Beg, the astronomer-king of Samarkand. It has been described as “the most realistic and logical landscape in stone” and is still used to forecast the weather.



 The ‘Palace of Winds’ or Hawa Mahal was erected in 1799 by Sawai Pratap Singh. It is a composition of windows and balconies with perforated screens. Though five storeys high it is just one room deep. This pink structure was designed to enable the purdah clad ladies of the harem to watch unnoticed the colourful street scenes and state processions. Visitors are permitted to climb up the winding ramp to the top.



Built by Madho Singh I in the mid 18th century, this splendid “water palace” floats serenely on the calm waters of the lake Man Sagar. It was based on the Lake Palace at Udaipur where the king spent his childhood. A large number of water birds can also be sighted here.

Things to do in Jaipur - Jal_Mahal_Jaipur

We hope you enjoy this historical tour and your revisit to  the glorious past of Jaipur.

#Things to do in Jaipur – Shop till you drop!

Jaipur is a great place to shop for meenakari and traditional jewellery, silver jewellery, bandhani turbans and sarees, tie- and-dye textiles, lightweight Jaipuri quilts, and jootis. These items can be bought in the local bazaars like Nehru Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Johari Bazaar, Hawa Mahal Market. If you do not possess good bargaining skills, then it is not advisable to shop at these places. You could use the government stores and emporiums like Rajasthali Handicraft Emporium.

Some of the things that you must shop from Jaipur are:

Mojari Jootis and Chappals :

The traditional Rajasthani jootis and chappals, made out of leather, are popular among both men and women. They can be found in plenty of colours and designs in Nehru and Bapu Bazaar. But you’ll really have to bargain a lot or you can easily be fooled into paying double or even triple of the actual price.

Leheriya turbans/dupattas/skirts:

Available in a variety of vibrant colors, prints and designs, “Lehariya”, a tie dyed design in diagonal strips or zig zags, is a big hit during the monsoon. The tradition of lehariya which is said to have been started by the royal family of Jaipur is now not just a favorite among the married women but is adopted by young girls as well.  Lehariya tunics, kurtas, salwars and skirts, being a perfect blend of traditional and modern, are the in thing these days.


There goes a folklore which talks about the origin of lehariya from an accidental scrunching of a queen’s dupatta that mixed its colours and formed diagonal stripes.

Lehariya stoles and duppatas are also quite popular among young girls. Pairing Lehariya stoles with plain kurtas and jeans really adds to one’s looks

During the monsoon or saawan, the season of festivals like Teej and Raksha Bandhan, the colours find a flow of their own and the markets of Jaipur are flooded with Lehariya. Be it the shops in the walled city or the designer boutiques in the posh areas of Jaipur, the peppy and dynamic hues of Lehariya abound in plenty.

Apart from the lehariya sarees, the lehariya turbans of Jaipur are also famous worldwide.


One of the popular beliefs among the people of Jaipur is that the wavy design of Lehariya resembles the waves of the wind that flow during the monsoon, which is why the lehariya is so much in demand during this season.

Staring from as low as Rs. 100 for a chiffon lehariya duppata, the cost of lehariya can go up to around Rs. 10,000 – 12,000 for a lehariya saree with works of gota – patti, sequins and zardozi.  While the former can be spotted in the streets of the walled city markets like Bapu Bazar and the Hawa Mahal market, high end boutiques in Civil Lines and C-Scheme can cater to your demands for the latter.

Also famous in Jaipur are Jaipuri rajais, bedsheets, wall hangings, handicraft products, puppets, among others.

#Things to do in Jaipur – Try out Rajasthani Cuisine

Jaipur is a haven for food lovers. From street food to Rajasthani thali to fine dining, one can find here a wide array of cuisines to choose from, depending on one’s palate.

Rajasthan is a state known for its delectable cuisine. The real essence of Rajasthan cannot be gauged without trying its different delicacies. We’ve made your job easier by listing five unique and must- have Rajasthani dishes. Warning: Keep tissues handy while trying these dishes as they are overloaded with spices.


Rajasthan is almost synonymous with ‘Dal Baati Choorma’. Baatis or flaky round breads baked over firewood or the conventional kandas (cow dung cakes) are mercilessly dipped in pure ghee and served with ‘daal’/lentils . Churma, a popular Rajasthani dessert is made using crushed baatis mixed with sugar or jaggery and ghee. Any vacation, wedding or celebration in Rajasthan is incomplete without this popular dish.


Image source: Foodnculture


This traditional  dish is made using ker berry and sangri beans. Prepared using a great blend of spices, this is often used as a pickle to accompany meals and  can make you eyes and nose water. Considered a royal delicacy, it is almost mandatory in all weddings.


Image source : MarwarSpices


This is another highly famed Rajasthani dish. It consists of dumplings  made from ‘besan’/gram flour dipped in a spicy youghurt based curry. This lip smacking delicacy can be thoroughly enjoyed with puri/roti/rice.


Image source: Makemytrip


The age old khichdi made using daal and rice is common in almost all parts of Northern India. Bajre ki Khichdi is a unique specialty of Rajasthan. Since rice is not very popular in Rajasthan, black millets or bajra is used. Served along with powdered sugar and ghee, accompaniments like curd, pickle and chutney can add immensely to the taste of  this mouth watering dish.

Bajre Ki Namkeen Khichdi_Jaipur

Image source: MharoRajasthanRecipes


Papad is usually eaten as an accompaniment with whole meals but in Rajasthan owing to the lack of vegetables, papad is used as the main ingredient of the highly popular ‘Papad Sabzi’. Papad is broken into small pieces and added to a spicy gravy made using spices and curd. Made in less than ten minutes, this dish can be your savior when you’ve run out of veggies.


Image source: Showmethecurry

Be it the torturous Monday or the much awaited Friday, nothing can be more divine than having some lip smacking and delectable edibles giving the tongue a roller coaster ride. The unparalleled street food at numerous places in and around Jaipur is finding favor with Jaipuriites. BMWs to Marutis to young couples on bikes are all spotted at many food stalls in the city.

The plethora of street food available in the pink city can certainly take a foodie for a gastronomic delight. With the first shower the streets of the walled city are captivated with the soul filling aroma of delicious dal pakodis and adrak wali chai…each crunch seems to make a musical melody with the sound of the rain.

#Things to do in Jaipur – Go crazy over the Jaipur street food.

gol-gappePani puri, batasha, puchka, gol gappa…whatever one would like to call it, is undoubtedly the most favorite street food item of all times. Believe it or not, even the thought of it makes one’s mouth water. The sweet-spicy-tangy blend just leaves you craving for more and more. Link Road is the oldest place in town for enjoying the scrumptious gol gappas. “Main pichle 51 saal se yaha chaat bech raha hu aur jo yaha ek baar aata hai wo dobara zarur aata hai” says Ajay Kumar, owner of Lakshmi chat Bhandar, Link Road. Odhni and burqa clad women can be seen alongside hip college going girls trying to stuff the huge gol gappas in their mouth at one go. On the other hand, boys can be seen competing with each other on who will eat more gol gappas.

Though it owes its inception to Mumbai, pav bhaji is a big hit in the streets of Jaipur. “I have been sellingpav bhaji for the last 17 years”, revealed Roop Narayan of Pandit Pav Bhaji near Birla Mandir. While putting dollops of butter in the bhaji, he adds “Mujhe aur bhi bahut kuch banana aata hai par yaha pav bhaji sabse jyada bikti hai isiliye mai yehi bechta hun.” The butter and heat from the spices makes this dish perfect for a rainy day.

While pav bhaji is especially popular among the children, Chole Kulche seems to be the favorite of the middle class working men of Jaipur. It is not only readily available but is also filling and economical…And one doesn’t even need to roam around here and there with a lunch box.

Sarita Sharma has been successfully running the Aunty’s Café at Sarojini Marg, C Scheme since 1989. It offers a wide variety of cost friendly meals ranging from Pav bhaji to Masala Dosa, from Chowmein to Chilli Paneer. The Chinese bhel and Chowpatty bhel puri are other popular items of the cafe.

Jaipuri Chatkara at Gaurav Tower, Malviya Nagar is another famous hot spot for street food. Apart from the usual pav bhaji, pani puri and tikki chole, it also provides the world famous vada pav of Mumbai. Ask the owner about the maintenance of hygiene and he boasts “We only use filter pani for pani puri, ISI marked sharbat and pure sugar for barf ka gola as well as pure ice cream for shakes”

The ‘tantan’ of the kulfiwallahs can be heard in almost every street of Jaipur during the summers and the monsoon. But now you don’t have to gratify your sweet tooth with only the traditional flavors like kesar orpista badaam as flavors like butterscotch, strawberry, mango and chocolate are also available these days. “The Indian ice cream and kulfi faluda” at link road has been catering to the kulfi cravings of the Jaipuriites from the past 57 years.

With the coming of the showers, how can the Bhutta (Corn) roasted on the coals and sprinkled with lime salt and red chilli powder be far behind… it just takes two showers and the roadsides can witness throngs of people munching on the tangy delight and the airs are filled with the smell of the roasted bhutta. Just like the kulfi, corn is now also available in diverse flavors like butter plain, chat masala and black pepper. For the best landscape services, Landscape Lighting Installation in Oakland County MI is a must to check out!

The sizzling aloo ki tikki is perennially available in all seasons in Jaipur. It can be eaten with plain, tangy tamarind chutney or with hot and spicy chole. One finds this popular snack at marriages, birthday parties and even kitty parties. Aloo tikki at the “Lallu chaat Bhandar” in C-scheme, sells like hot cakes during the monsoon. Street food is enjoyed not just by the young but is relished by the people of older age groups with an equal gusto.

#Things to do in Jaipur – Just grab a beer and chill!!

If you hate visiting historical monuments or shopping or you’re not that big a fan of food, why don’t you just grab a beer, let your hair down and chill.

The weekend is here and we’re all looking for a place to let our hair down, grab a chilled beerand have a gala time. We’ve listed out five most popular places in the pink city that offer you amazing drinks and  food and a classy ambience to make dining a total experience.



Located inside a royal heritage hotel, Narain Niwas, going to this place is a treat in itself. Done up tastefully in hues of white and turquoise, this is one restro-lounge where you can enjoy not just delectable but authentic Italian food. With an option for outdoor seating, this is a perfect place for a romantic date night. Spaghetti, gnocchi and tiramisu is what we would definitely suggest you to try.


Image source

100% Rock:

If you want great music to accompany your glass of chilled beer, then this is definitely the place to be. Located in the heart of the city – C-scheme, this restro-bar is a big hit among music lovers especially the rock music fans. In spite of being dimly lit, an eye-catching ambience is the USP of this place. Apart from the ever-popular beer, this place has great variety of cocktails and mocktails to quench your thirst. Moreover, the food here will never disappoint you. We promise! This place also has an option for outdoor seating for smokers and for those who’d like to enjoy their drink in a quieter atmosphere.



This roof top restro lounge, overlooking the Sawai Man Singh Stadium, is one of its kind in Jaipur. Great music, great food, great ambience – you name and it’s on the list. This capacious place will spoil you for choice and you just cannot return from here without having satiated your appetite. The Mexican cuisine here should not be missed!

Image source


Situated in C- Scheme, this is another popular pub in the pink city that offers you a roof top ambience, psychedelic music, and a wide array of lip smacking dishes to choose from.  Their European and Continental dishes as well as their signature cocktails and shots, makes this place stand out.

Image source

Forresta Kitchen and Bar:

This inventive and novel forest themed restaurant in Bani Park gives one a good break from the usual and monotonous ambience of the urban pubs.  The lush greenery, dim lights and water sprinklers add to the enchanting aura of this place. This is not just an apt place for a date but also a unique location for a private function or party.

Image source

Is this list similar to your things to do in Jaipur? Do comment below and let us know which one is your favorite

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