This 15 min workout is all you need to get your full body moving

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Guest Blog by Shivangi Sarda Founder, Fitness.Trail

Finding it challenging to step out in this heat for a workout? Well the good news is that you can get a full body workout anywhere you want. You don’t need any equipment, just 15 minutes of your day to challenge your body! Try this workout by Founder of Fitness.Trail, Shivangi Sarda which will help you build strength & burn calories! Don’t worry if this is your first workout, as this is suitable for all fitness levels.

Before you jump into the 15 minute workout, it is important to warm up your body with a 2-3 minutes dynamic warm up. Just jump on spot, rotate your hands, trunk and ankles and you are all prepped to dive into the workout

Start your 15 minutes Full body Strength, Cardio & Core Circuit

Start the routine with first exercise (15 repetitions of Squats) then move to the next exercise (15 repetitions of Glute bridges). Progress till you reach the last exercise (Burpees) to finish 1 round of your circuit. Take a one minute break and start the second round of your circuit with first exercise (15 repetitions of Squats). Try to do 3-4 rounds of the circuit in 15 minutes

1. Squats x15 Reps (Beginner- Sit Squat on a chair)
Tone & Strengthen Butt, Legs & Core Muscles.

2. Glute Bridges x 15 Reps
Tone your butt & challenge your core with this exercise.

3. Push Ups (knee /full ) x 10 Reps
Increase your upper body strength with this exercise.

4. Plank shoulder Taps x 24 Reps ( 12 each side)
Challenge your core, butt, shoulder & arm strength! 

5. Step ups x 30 Reps ( 15 each leg – Use a Stair/ chair)
Get your heart beat up & strengthen your legs with this exercise.

6. Bicycle Crunches x 30 Reps (15 each side)
Hustle for those Abs!

7. Superman x 15 Reps
Improve your lower back & Core Strength!

8. Burpees (Full/Half) x 10 Reps
Best Exercise to burn the Fat!

Just like it is essential to warm up your body before a workout, it is equally important to end your workout with a 2-3 minutes cool down. All you have to do is do some static stretching for your back and upper body.

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