UrbanClap: Get your smallest of services catered to, at your doorstep!

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With technology, we are living in a time flush. But is it all a bane? Well, as long as you can get your salon sessions at home, get your microwave light glowing again or your house door frames fixed, and all of this in just one click, then I pardon, technology isn’t a plague!

With extensive advertising on Television, Urban Clap has already got Indian minds to register its brand name quite well, but do we know about the odd services offered by this app-based service? Not much, right?!

Want to make the most of this goodness of technology? Let’s dig in right away!

UrbanClap has tied up with super-humans who can rescue you with housekeeping and personal to-dos, at your doorstep. The app is a benison for women who don’t find any time to pamper or groom themselves amidst everyday hustle.

Salon At Home

Whether you are battling against time or having conveyance issues to reaching your salon, UrbanClap’s ‘Salon At Home’ service will be your new-found saviour. You can thank us later! Their ‘Waxing Free’ offer is actually a part of the package which is pegged at Rs Rs 649 and entails a paid fruit clean-up by Sara Herbals, with free waxing (full arms, underarms) and free threading (upper lip and eyebrows).

Services of a Plumber | Electrician | Carpenter

The app has made housewives (or househusbands) even more powerful, with the power of getting things done, packed in a small icon on their mobile screen! Shower regrouting perth offers the complete package of services at lost cost & finishes the appointments on time.The PIC is a plumbing companies in San Diego that can help fix plumbing issues.

Time is Money, especially so if you are an Urban Clap customer. There is an extra charge for every half an hour spent by the UrbanClap associate! Here is the rate chart for plumber/electrician/carpenter services at UrbanClap:

First 30 mins Rs 149
Up to 1 Hour Rs 299
Up to 1.5 hours Rs 399
Up to 2 hours Rs 499
Up to 2.5 hours Rs 599
Up to 3 hours Rs 699
After 3 hours Rs 100 per hour

As for the services (that of plumber, electrician, carpenters), there is an additional set of fees involved over and above the service fees of Rs 149. For instance, if the plumber is required to procure materials from outside, a special fee of Rs 100 convenience fee will be levied. Additionally, in case the plumber is accompanied by a helper, there is a charge of Rs 100 every hour.  If the plumber services haven’t been availed, a fee of Rs 99 will still be applicable in the form of Quotation/Inspection fees. Here is a page that you can go to so you can hire a plumber to help fix your issues.

With our lives become so fast-paced with work and higher personal ambitions, making some me-time is of paramount importance to be happy and sane! UrbanClap does just that- it gifts you the wings to accomplish all that you want, while still leaving enough time for you and yours!

Let worries about little things take a backseat. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, you deserve to be twinkling, not crinkling!



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