The wall art in Jaipur is not only beautiful but also highlights various social issues

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-By Divya Rathore & Krati Akar

Jaipur is a walled city surrounded by high walls and forts glorifying its beauty. Known for its varied folk art and culture, the Pink City always has been a well-known spot for tourist attraction. However, with the passage of time the magnificent artwork found on these walls  is fading away. To conserve such high skilled and ornamental artwork an initiative was taken by the Government of Rajasthan to promote and encourage folk art and its practising artisans. With this initiative, they also decided to spread awareness on various social issues through beautiful and creative drawings and paintings.

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To promote this initiative, Jaipur Development Authority and the Municipal Corporation chose flyovers and focused on street art. Places like Jawahar Nagar developed social messages on women empowerment and to make the city clean and green on the streets and walls.

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Apart from this Cartist also rejuvenated the three main railway stations with distinct themes last year in partnership with Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation and Indian railways. About 14 artists showcased their talent at the stations with ‘Kathputli art’ and ‘Jogi art’ – an art form that hinges around dots and lines – with messages on cleanliness and the need to preserve tribal art.

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Stations such as Vivek Vihar, New Atish Market were painted in order to promote and signify the importance of inter sex society. Various masterpieces were painted by artists Akhlaq Ahmad from Delhi and artist Shrikant Ranga & team from Bikaner at Ram Nagar metro station. Akhlaq Ahmad, the famous artist behind the creation of ‘ We love Delhi’ and ‘We love Chandigarh’ has now created ‘We love Jaipur’.

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Also, the young and enthusiastic members of Contree foundation started a campaign titled – Rang De! Jaipur to paint the walls of cities with inspiring thoughts. They have been reaching out to every corner of the town to restore its beauty. Places like B2B bypass, Bapu Nagar, walls of Jhalana Basti has also undergone a colourful transformation.

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Several other locations such as Jaipur international Airport, Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, have also been painted by the artists. The paintings of Rajasthani ladies clad in bright coloured sarees & tribal attires, men wearing turbans or travelling in autos, buses, rickshaws,  or women drawing mandanas etc, on the walls and hoardings are certainly attracting the hearts of locals and tourists.

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