Wellness Movement initiated in India with a Webinar on Health-Work-Life Balance amid Pandemic

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Merging the best of east and west lifestyle practices, a wellness movement was launched in India called ‘Pehla Sukh- India Wellness Initiative’. The launching event featured an inaugural webinar ‘How to find Health-Work-Life Balance Amid Pandemic?’. The webinar featured expert technologists and health specialists who brought in the best practices, content, healthcare networks, futuristic research, and trends.

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Work-life balance is a matter of priorities which is subjective. The amount of time-saving devices one has today has never been had in history, yet people complain of not having enough time. Because somewhere mankind messed up their priorities. When one messes up their priorities they forget to distinguish between what is urgent and what is important. When one ignores what is important, it converts into an urgency. Such was the opinion of Motivational Speaker, Mr. Shiv Khera.

Apart from Mr. Khera, the webinar was attended by CEO, Times Internet, Mr. Gautam Sinha; Director of Global Alliance of LifeStyle Medicine, Dr. Pankaj Vij and Founder, TFL -Training for Life, Dr. Sheela Nambiar as key speakers along with few eminent personalities of the society as the guest panellists. It witnessed over 2000 registrations worldwide and attracted over 800 questions from the viewers.

‘Pehla Sukh-India Wellness Initiative’ comes at a very crucial time when the entire world is fighting a global pandemic. Following the vision and mission of the Rajasthan Chief Minister, Shri Ashok Gehlot the movement has garnered not only his support but also the support of the entire Silicon Valley. The initiative is consistent with the Chief Minister’s vision to streamline the fight against COVID-19 with immunity building and disease prevention.

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The webinar threw light on the 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine are feet (exercise), forks (diet), fingers (whether we smoke or drink excessively) as well as sleep, stress and love (social connections). In the face of COVID, chronic problems that were earlier dangerous in the long-term, have now become short-term dangers as weakened immunities are at the highest risk of contracting COVID-19.

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Large amounts of sugar, processed food and oils combined with less exercise, heightened stress and anxiety affect our metabolic health which can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, overeating, eating addictive foods and much more. More vegetables and lesser whole grains and cereals should be consumed. Similarly, a holistic exercise routine should be developed keeping in mind the 4 pillars of exercise – stamina strength, flexibility and endurance.

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