What Cup of Tea is Jaipur brewing?

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In the past few years the youth in the Pink City had been bitten by the bug of coffee cafes like Barista, Mocha and Café Coffee Day. These places became the favorite hot spots of the youth to hang out.However, the arrival of new tea lounges – Tapri (C scheme) Chaisa (Lal Kothi) and Thadi (Raja Park) have taken many young Jaipuriites from coffee to tea. Such is the popularity of these places that on some days (weekends or the occasional good weather days) you’d have to wait in a queue to get inside  these tea lounges

The wide array of tea available in these lounges is just staggering. From masala chai to green tea to chocolate tea, you name it and it’s there.


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“Organization of the unorganized thadi tea culture was the idea that struck my mind while I was pursuing my MBA. I decided to take this idea further and went to Darjeeling to study the technicalities of tea”, said Ankit Bohra of Tapri. The tea lounge has been created keeping in mind the sentiments that people associate with tea.

Created with a similar ambience, these tea lounges are more sophisticated versions of a roadside thadi and there is not much difference in the prices too. One can enjoy a cup of special chai for as low as Rs.15.


Image source: Groupon.co.in

“During college days my friends and I used to sit on thadis for our daily pyaala of tea. But my female friends found it a little awkward to sit there so I decided to create such a thadi where everyone can gossip while sipping tea with equal comfort”, says Sanat Nimbark, owner of Thadi, a tea lounge.



Visiting these tea lounges has become a daily ritual for some of the youngsters where they can be seen enjoying their garam pyala of chai with sutta nibbling on tidbits like Parle G and sweet bun. Such is the hullabaloo over health and fitness these days that even youngsters  can be spotted sipping green tea.

Tea lovers have a variety to choose from as different flavored teas like rose, jasmine, hibiscus etc are now available.,

A recent trend that has come up in the city is that of tea trucks. A such truck  with the name”Tea Tradition” can be seen near Statue Circle. Their Masala Tea, Iced Tea, Burgers, Sandwiches and Muska Bun are a big hit. It’s a great innovation for those who do not want/ have the time to go the tea lounge. They can easily get their daily dose of tea from such tea trucks.

tea tradition_jaipur

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The city can expect more such tea lounges and trucks to cater to the growing feeling of health consciousness among the youth. Another recent trend that can be spotted in these tea lounges is of ladies’ kitty parties. Ladies chirping away over a cup of masala chai and hot pakoras is a common sight now in these places.

So next time if you can’t decide where to go on a date with your partner or if you just want to hang out with friends without burning a hole in your pocket or maybe make your mother feel special by pampering her with a cup of tea in these peppy tea lounges , you know where to head. After all, money can’t buy happiness but it can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing.

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