When top chefs of Jaipur whipped up appetizing salads using ‘GreenDesk’ products

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A unique and one-of-its-kind ‘Chefs Meet’ was recently organized in Jaipur’s popular bistro On The House.  Chef Parul Kapoor from ITC Rajputana, Chef Prasad Metrani from Fairmont and Chef Sandeep Gusain from Crowne Plaza picked up their favourite ingredients from the wide array of farm fresh, exotic and organic produce ( made available by GreenDesk especially for the session) and transformed them into tantalizing salads in a matter of minutes.Food lovers of the city also gathered to witness the live preparation by the chefs.



Salad by Chef Parul
Salad by Chef Sandeep
Salad by Chef Prasad



Produce by GreenDesk
Produce by GreenDesk


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