Work from Home like a Pro with these useful tips

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The outbreak of Coronavirus has confined us all to our homes. Many of us are new to the whole concept of ‘Work from Home’. Although it has many benefits it also comes with many challenges. We can surely all use some tips to get acquainted with such a work culture to stay productive and maintain balance.

  • Give Yourself a Dedicated Workspace

This space should be away from the TV, kitchen, any music and other sorts of distractions. One thing that is really helpful is to be able to shut the door and be out of sight.

  • Clock in you Time

Schedule yourself first thing in the morning. Do the things you normally do when getting ready for work. Set your alarm clock, take a shower and get dressed for work. Avoid the trap of sleeping in, not showering and being in your pyjamas.

  • Make a List

Get a notepad or a piece of paper and write down your priorities for the day. What are the tasks you need to accomplish and within what time frame. You can refer back to that throughout the day as you complete each task.

  • Hit Pause

Take microbreaks. It will help relax your brain and reenergise you so that you can avoid making errors. You can listen to a song, go to the window and look outside, sit in a different spot or pour yourself a cup of tea, whichever you prefer.

  • Don’t go “Home” in the middle of the day

While it may be tempting to turn on the TV, read a chapter of your current book or do a load of laundry, you have to remember that you are sticking to a schedule. You are not managing your home, you are managing your work.

  • Clock out on time

That’s the time you are going to end your day. Don’t let your work drag saying you will do it after dinner or in bed. Next thing you know it is 1 am and you have still not completed your project/task. You can avoid this by setting your start and end time.

  • Set Boundaries

The people and pets in your life are going to see you at home and think you are taking the day off. You need to explain to them unapologetically that you are working from home. The more they see you around the house doing your thing, the more they are going to understand that this is your time to focus.

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