World Trade Park: The Adda of Jaipurites

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“It’s Sunday, let’s go somewhere!”

“Hey! Long time no see! Let’s catch up? Where should we meet? ”

“I need new clothes for work. Where can I get a good variety of brands?”

“I’m in the mood for a late night movie. Can you check where the latest English flick is running?”

“I wanna eat Chinese starters, Indian food for main course and an Italian dessert. Is there any place where I can get all three?

Five questions. One answer. World Trade Park!

From shopping to eating to watching a movie to tarot card reading, one can find everything under one roof here. The World Trade Park has been a matter of pride for the folks of the Pink City since 2012. In merely 4 years, the mall boasts of the biggest national as well as international brands and eateries.

World Trade Park

Located in Malviya Nagar, the vibrant blue colour and the thick layer of silver highlight  gives the World Trade Park the look of an international estate and makes it nearly impossible for anyone to miss this magnificent building.

The mall has  has two wings:  North block and South block. While the North block is based on a golden theme, the   South block is based on a silver one. Both the wings have a unique hollow bridge like connection that hosts a wide array of restaurants and eateries.  An interesting feature of the World Trade Park’s architecture is its direct slab slide where you can directly land on the first floor which is an innovation in itself. World Trade Park also boasts of  separate areas for trade fair, convention and conferences, business centres, offices and display areas, hotels and clubs, cyber-friendly building, three screen multiplex,among others. As construction and manufacturing industry cyber security is a relevant topic presently, cyber-friendly buildings grab attention.

Entrance to World Trade Park
Entrance to World Trade Park

The North Block is especially built for the purpose of shopping.  It is almost always  flooded with shopaholics and brand freaks as a large number of  national and international brands have their outlets here which one usually does not find anywhere in Jaipur. Out of all the brands, Zara is the most favoured one here. Other popular brands that you can find here include Catwalk, Marks & Spencer,  Guess, Forever 21, Aldo, French Connection, Promod, among others.

Cinepolis at World Trade Park
Cinepolis at World Trade Park

Fantasy World of the Mega Mall takes the visitor on a worldwide tour where the visitor can visit different countries of the world.You can find here many antique decorative items.

World Trade Park
World Trade Park

One can also indulge here in services like tarot card reading and tattoo making.

The food court of World Trade Park offers you as many as 17 different types of cuisines such as  Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Indian, among others.  Eateries like Crazy Noodles, Kebabs and Curries, The Chocolate Room are quite popular here. Apart from this, the usual fast food chains like Domino’s, KFC, Dunkin Donuts etc can also be found here.

Tell us what you like about World Trade Park?

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