5 Mistakes to Avoid when Working Out at Home

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Guest Blog by Shivangi Sarda, Founder & Head Coach, Fitness.Trail

The last few months have changed our lifestyle & working out at home is the “New Normal”. Most of us are finding ways to stay fit at home & there is a positive change amongst people’s approach to fitness.

Everyone has taken a step towards adopting a healthy lifestyle by regularly exercising, eating healthy & staying active. With so many options available to us to work out on our own, it can be quite overwhelming sometimes. 

Your aim while working out should not only be losing weight but also feeling energetic, staying injury free & maintaining your overall well-being. It’s important to follow the right approach to get the best results & enjoy your workout routine. The personal injury laws is what you can have a look at in order to make your case in case of any injury.

Avoid these common mistakes while working out at home:

  1. Too much too soon! 

We are always looking for ways to challenge ourselves in the workouts & sometimes we don’t listen to our body & push way too much. Also, in case of injuries, look what i found about the best injury attorneys in town!

Doing too much too soon is not going to help you achieve your goals but it might be counterproductive. There is a high chance you will feel exhausted or injure yourself & lose the enthusiasm to workout. You need start with something which you love doing – Check out these Toddler trampolines which you can use to warm up and still have fun.

It’s imperative to follow the law of “Progressive Overload” which simply means gradually increasing the number of exercises, repetitions or number of sessions. You should aim at increasing the load on a weekly basis to avoid any injuries or burn outs

  1. Missing Warm Up & Cool Down Exercises

Warm up & cool down are as important as your main set of exercises. It’s essential to prepare your body for the hard work you want to put in the sessions and to avoid injuries & get the best results.

Some pre & post workout exercises :

Warm up for minimum 5-7 minutes with some on spot jogs or jumps followed by dynamic exercises like leg swings, alternate toe touch and rotations to elevate your heat beat up & get your muscles ready to take the load. 

Your cool down routine should be for a minimum of 5-7 minutes with some static stretches like sitting toe touch, back stretch & spine twist to relax your muscles & get your heart beat back to normal.

  1. Sticking to only High Intensity Workouts

You don’t have to do a hard or challenging workout everyday to stay fit. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata or workout challenges are very effective while working out at home but it is important to add Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) Training in your home workouts.

 LISS Training will help you improve your metabolism, blood flow, recovery, reduce stress & will increase your overall well-being. You can incorporate low intensity exercises, walking, bike rides, yoga or mobility movements to balance out your workout routine.

  1. Not learning the proper form of the exercise.

In the quest to progress faster or try a challenging workout we tend to compromise on the form of the exercise. Right form of exercise will not only save you from injuries but it’s the only way for you to get the maximum results for your hard work.

Follow the Quality over Quantity Rule: Remember less repetition of an exercise with the correct form is much better than doing 100 repetitions with the wrong form.Check for some reliable source videos on the right form, record yourself to check your posture & form or seek help from a professional trainer. 

  1. Not fixing your workout schedule

Working out at home is convenient & many people have started enjoying exercising at home. But with the ease of working out anytime, people fail to be consistent & end up being irregular with the workouts. You can’t party all night, driving drunk on a scooter and then wake up the next morning and decide to workout without getting enough rest.

Fix a time slot for your workout & try to stick to it.You can plan your workout routine for a week in advance so it’s easier to follow & be regular. 

Setting monthly or weekly fitness goals will help you stay motivated 🙂

Stay consistent & enjoy the process!

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