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In a society where traditional family structures are deeply ingrained, there are who women have rewritten the narrative by embracing their roles as both nurturers and providers. Through their unwavering determination and love for their children, they have become beacons of hope, proving that single motherhood can be a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment. Let’s delve into the journeys of single mothers from Jaipur, exploring the challenges they have faced, the lessons they have learned, and the triumphs they have achieved.

Embracing Strength and Independence

Mother's Day Jaipur
Nitika Nagpal with her daughter.

After six years of marriage marred by a lack of understanding, Nitika Nagpal and her husband made the difficult decision to part ways when their daughter was just three years old. Balancing work and parenting as a single mother has its challenges, but Nitika considers herself blessed to have a compassionate and understanding daughter. They share a unique bond as friends, dedicating quality time to each other daily. Despite working in the demanding wedding planning industry with its unpredictable hours, Nitika ensures that she prioritizes her daughter. Whether it’s their daily conversations, cuddling, or monthly mother-daughter dates, Nitika finds ways to create special moments that strengthen their connection.

Of course, being a single mother brings its own set of challenges. “I try to be the best version of myself for my daughter and make sure to provide her the comfort of both parents but irrespective of how much you do or be present, I can’t help but think that there’s a void of the father in the family and to fill in that you tend to take up added responsibilities. Can’t deny the financial struggle too”, says Nitika.

To other single mothers who may be struggling, Nitika offers valuable advice: Don’t let societal expectations or judgments define your life. Prioritize your mental health and goals, and stay determined despite any obstacles.

Building a Strong Value System

Apoorva Bapna with her daughter.

During Apoorva Bapna’s pregnancy, her husband relocated overseas. Geographical separation took a toll on their relationship and Apoorva found herself embracing the role of a single mother to her daughter, who is now around 13 years old.

Apoorva works in the corporate world and her parents and extended family have been herpillars of strength. Additionally, her daughter’s independence and understanding nature from a young age have made the journey smoother. The support staff she has had along the way has also played a crucial role. While Apoorva acknowledges the blessings of her support system, she does experience moments of guilt when she cannot be present for important events in her daughter’s life. However, open communication and problem-solving with her daughter have allowed them to find solutions together, strengthening their bond as mother and child.

Apoorva has instilled in her daughter values of resilience, respect, and trust, and she takes pride in making decisions about her daughter’s well-being without relying on anyone else. Embracing the importance of happiness and fun, Apoorva ensures that they create special moments as a family, whether it’s going on holidays, celebrating festivals together, or sharing meals when they are in the same city.

For other single mothers facing challenges, Apoorva advises them to be brave and steadfast in their decisions. “It’s important to shut out the noise and doubt, and instead, create a circle of love and support around oneself”, she says. 

Rediscovering Strength

single mothers
Surbhi Khandelwal with her daughter.

For Surbhi Khandelwal, a fashion designer and mother of four-year-old girl, the journey from being married to becoming a single mother was a path filled with numerous challenges, including disloyalty, broken trust, disrespect, and domestic violence—heartbreaking experiences coming from the person she had dedicated her entire life to, her husband.

Like many women, Surbhi hoped that having a child would bring stability to her marriage and perhaps even put an end to her husband’s extramarital affairs. Unfortunately, things only worsened after becoming a mother. However, Surbhi refused to let this be the end of her story. She realized she had two choices: succumb to stress and depression, allowing her life to come to a standstill, or rise up, find strength within herself, and fight for both her and her daughter. She made the courageous decision to take control of her own destiny.

With determination and resilience, Surbhi rebuilt herself and launched her own fashion design business. Stepping out of her comfort zone, she even participated in beauty pageants and achieved the title of Shimmer Mrs. Rajasthan 1st runner-up. This accomplishment not only brought her a sense of pride but also served as a source of inspiration for her daughter, who admires her for effortlessly managing various responsibilities as a single mother.

Surbhi’s days are now filled with handling legal matters, overseeing her daughter’s education, managing her business, tending to household chores, and pursuing her passion for women’s empowerment. Despite the demanding nature of her responsibilities, she continues to navigate her life with grace, confidence, and determination.

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