Into a Universe Full of Stories Where Young Minds Live, Create and Tell a Tale

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Want to mark this friendship day with fun, frolic, games and lots of stories? Then, this is the space you need to watch out.
The ‘Tale Tellers’ invite you to a STORY CARNIVAL!

The Tale Tellers brings to you a workshop, to dole out tips and tricks and to help you create your own stories. Learn through a lot of fun activities the magic of weaving and telling tales using your imagination.

The workshop is recommended for all the young story tellers aged 7-17 to help them become masters in their creative realms. This is surely going to boost their confidence and help them seek stories in everyday life.

The Venue: THE BREW COMPANY, Crystal Palm (Ground Floor), Bais Godam.

Date: Sunday 6 August

Time: 11 am to 1 pm.

Come and join others sharing the passion of storytelling.
Listen, share and spread your wings of imagination

To Register:
WhatsApp us on this number.
Fee: Rs. 300/- 0nly



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