The Indigenous Horse Society of India is organizing The Royal Marwari Jaipur Horse Show at Rajasthan Polo Club in Jaipur from March 3 to March 5. Around 150 Marwari horses will participate in this show.
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The equestrian culture of India is as ancient as the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana, where the horse, or “ashwa,” has played a significant role in Indian traditions such as marriage, religious ceremonies, and war. However, the lack of documentation on the breed’s conformation and lineage, even after India’s independence, was a devastating realization. To address this gap, the Indigenous Horse Society of India (IHSI) was established with the goal of documenting, promoting, preserving, and educating horse owners.

Owing to the efforts of the Society, the Marwari horse has regained its position not just in India but also abroad. The breed has been showcased at numerous events, such as the World Equestrian Games in the USA, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in the UK, and the 40th anniversary of the Late Sultan of Oman’s regime in Oman. Today, this majestic breed can be found in several countries, including the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Maldives, Oman, Luxembourg, and Sri Lanka.

The IHSI is organizing the Royal Marwari Jaipur Horse Show from March 3 to March 5 at Rajasthan Polo Club in Jaipur. During the course of the three days, there will be a multitude of interesting equestrian activities.

Action packed event

The opening day on March 3 will feature equestrian sports, dancing horses display, working equitation, band display, march past, among others. On March 4 and March 5, there will also be competitions in various categories such as Yearlings Filly (from 1 to 2 years), Yearlings Colt (from 1 to 2 years), Filly (2 to 4 years),  Colt (2 to 4 years), Mares (4 years and above) as well as Stallions (4 years and above). Cash awards, medals as well as running trophies will be given as prizes to the best judged horses.

Judges Clinic

Due to the rising popularity of Marwari horses, numerous horse shows are being organized throughout India by both private and government entities in places such as Pushkar, Balotra, and Nagaur. However, the judging of these horse shows has frequently been a matter of dispute due to the lack of standardized parameters for evaluating horses.

The IHSI is also conducting the 2nd Judges Clinic on 1 and 2 March to ensure that during the horse shows, judges strictly follow the rules of judging and clearly understand the point system. An international judge from UK, Zara Pawley will take the clinic and aspiring judges have to go through written and practical examination. There shall be a bar of minimum percentage to qualify as judge.

Digital Management System

A unique feature of this Horse Show is that a unique digital management system which is going to be a game changer in the conduction of horse shows.  It will help in scientific and accurate management as well as minimise the tedious paperwork before, during and after the show. It also facilitates better communication, leaves no room for manipulation of marks and ensures transparency.

Where: Rajasthan Polo Club
When: March 3 to March 5
Entry: Free and open to all

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