Jaipur to Soon Experience Lion and Bull Safari

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[Guest Post by Divya Rathore]

Jaipur, one of the most sought out tourist destinations will now be experiencing lion and bull safaris as another Safari Park is being developed for wildlife enthusiasts. After leopards, tigers and panthers tourists will now be able to set their sights upon the majestic king of the jungle, Lion and one of the most powerful animals, Bull very soon.

Nahargarh Biological Park is a part of the Nahargarh sanctuary is located about 12 km from Jaipur on the Jaipur-Delhi highway. The Lion Safari attraction of the park is likely to be ready in July for the tourists as 80 per cent of the work has been completed.  Spread over 36 acres of land the park will have 8 different visitors track to enjoy. An area of 29,000 square metres has been fenced to allow the lions to move freely within 10 chambers which will be used for feeding the lions and providing them with medical aid.

According to Jaipur Development Authority officials, the tourists will be able to observe lions in their natural habitat. Also, they will be able to explore the tracks in specially designed caged vehicles.

Similarly, Hingonia Gaushala is planning to start Bull safari for its visitors. In a bid to attract more tourists and allow them to gaze upon bulls, cattle of cows and buffaloes roaming around in open fields. This is an initiative by Akshaya Patra Foundation and the safari will happen in Hingonia Punarvas Kendra. The biggest gaushala in the State, Hingonia Gaushala is soon to emerge as a tourist spot. It is situated 15 kilometres from Jaipur and spread over 1300 bighas of land has around 20,000 cows at present.

A separate track is being prepared for Bull safari along with the lodging arrangements for the visitors. Facilities have been made so that tourists can enjoy both day and night safari. The visitors will also be getting first-hand information on several milking techniques, with the use of advanced machines.




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