Jaipur’s artist creates doodle art on car to spread awareness about wildlife co-existence

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“Everyone should make a concerted effort to improve the dire situation that our planet is currently in. It can be through time, money, making lifestyle changes or even educating others.  I use my art to depict both the beauty and the vulnerability of the natural world, raise awareness for conservation issues and encourage others to consider how they too can make a difference”, says Harshi Agarwal, a self taught doodle artist from Jaipur. Deeply fascinated by nature and especially animals, Harshi has created a one-of-its-kind art installation to spread awareness about wildlife co-existence.

Doodle Car by Harshi Agarwal
Doodle Artist Harshi Agarwal with her art installation ‘Accommodate’

Accommodate the Wild

By doodling wild animals, trees, plants, flowers etc. on a car, Harshi has tried to give the message that the earth does not belong to human beings alone and there is a need to accommodate other species as well.  Aptly entitled ‘Accommodate’, the installation was made in a short span of just 2-3 days and is currently being exhibited at the Mayo Alumni Artists Group Exhibition in Mayo College in Ajmer till 26 November.  The artist is also an alumnus of Mayo College Girls’ School.

Doodle Car by Harshi Agarwal
‘Accommodate’ at the Mayo Alumni Artists Group Exhibition in Mayo College in Ajmer

Intrigued with Nature

Deeply fascinated and intrigued with nature, Harshi has a special love for animals. Her doodle and Zentangle art works often feature and celebrate the majesty and beauty of  tigers, lions, elephants and other animals, which she considers to be more than just creative muses.

Tryst with Art

In 2013, Harshi left her job in the PR Industry to pursue her calling for art and went on to become one of India’s first professional doodle artists. She is also an art entrepreneur and organizes art workshops and events, especially for children. “While teaching children, I use fun ways to help young minds navigate the nuances of art. My objective is to empower them to capture their thoughts through different creative mediums”, tells Harshi.

Doodle Car by Harshi Agarwal
A view of the Doodle Car

Her company ‘Brushes n Strokes has worked with several companies and organizations such as UNICEF, Asian Paints, Akshay Kumar Productions, Viacom 18 etc. Harshi also works actively with NGOs across the country to make improvements in government schools. Her recent projects include the upgradation and revamp of primary and pre-primary government schools in Bikaner, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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