ITC Rajputana’s Peshawri celebrates 21 years of its glory

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Hotel ITC Rajputana’s famed fine dining restaurant – Peshawri – is celebrating 21 years of its glory all through the month of May. Founded in 1996, the menu, interiors as well as service design of the restaurant have not undergone any change till now. Considering the numerous innovations and adaptations one usually makes these days in the menu to sustain customers, having an unaltered menu for such a long time is indeed commendable.

Telling about the cuisine of Peshawri and the way it is cooked, Food & Beverage Manager, Rajneesh Maller said that the food is cooked in clay ovens or tandoor in the traditional style of the Indian North West Frontier Region. The style of cooking requires meticulous training and great expertise on part of the chefs, since the kebabs are not accompanied with any sauce or gravy. It is pre marinated and cooked only before serving. The chefs also need to master the art of making light and fluffy breads since it is an inevitable part of the cuisine.  Besides, they also need to acquire the ability to gauge spices, mix marinades and most vital of all to judge the heat of the tandoor and time necessary for each dish to be perfectly cooked.

Chef Hayat Singh who has been working since 22 years with Peshawri

Peshawri offers one a sophisticated yet truly ethnic experience where the kitchen is a part of the restaurant. To recreate the rustic charm, the décor comprises trestle tables and wooden stools along with copper pots and urns. As one takes a seat at the restaurant,  green and red checkered aprons are served to vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners respectively. This concept of a checkered apron has gained immense popularity. The menu is presented on a wooden block and earthy ochre coloured crockery is used to serve the food. The diners are encouraged to eat with hands so that they can experience the food all through their senses. However, cutlery is also provided on request.

A meal in Peshawri is incomplete without trying the world renowned Dal Bukhara. To say that it is simmered overnight on a tandoor would be an understatement as the intricate process of making this dish begins right from the procurement of the ingredients. Paired best with Pudina Paratha, one can also try the stuffed kulchas or the evergreen butter naan. Also recommended are the lamb based ‘Barrah Kebabs’ and ‘Sikandri Raan’. ‘Paneer Khurchan’ is a must try dish for the vegetarians.

And after all these delectable dishes it is indeed difficult to manage some room for dessert. But trying their gulab jamuns and phirni is strongly recommended. The best part about the gulab jamuns is that they are extremely light and fluffy. Served chilled in an earthen dish, the  phirni is moderately sweet and perfect to end the divine meal.


Sharing his thoughts, General Manager, ITC Rajputana, Mr. Tejinder Singh said that Peshawri occupies a place of pride in the culinary map of Jaipur.  In its two decades of existence the signature cuisine of ITC has been embraced Pink City as its very own. Whether it is celebrations in the family and friends or visit of dignitaries to the city, a meal at Peshawri is a must. The lure of the dal Bukhara and the wafting flavours of the various signature kababs and breads is simply irresistible, he added.

All visitors are entitled to a surprise when they dine at Peshawri this month. A cauldron is placed at the entrance of the restaurant and one can pick up a coupon from there.

Where: Peshawri, Hotel ITC Rajputana, Palae Road, Gopalbari, Jaipur
Contact number: 0141 5100100

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