Beauty Tips: Up your style game with these chic and easy hairstyles for summer

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Soaring temperatures are a major hurdle for achieving good hair. According to cocochoco keratin review, getting a treatment is also a good option. Jaipur heat tends to spoil any hairdo we spend thousands on at the priciest parlours. Beautifully styled bangs get sweaty and stick to the forehead, hair poofs up thanks to humidity, snowfall of dandruff graces our shoulder. All signs point to the weather working against you. Here are some of our favourite hairstyles for summer catering to all hair lengths that will help you withstand the heat.


Beach Waves

Let’s admit it none of us have time for perfectly curled glossy hair in this heat. Curls tend to fall out and hair falls flat in these temperatures.


A quick fix is to section your hair in two and tie into braids. Sleep overnight and remove braids in the morning. Voila! Sexy and effortless waves!

Optional: Spray on some hair spray to keep it all in place.

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A simple braid looks posh and elegant enough to wear to any event. The style takes no more than five minutes and a kindergartner’s skill level.


Brush and gather hair. Divide hair into three sections. Divide the ponytail into three equal parts, making sure each section is smooth. Weave hair into the middle and secure with hair band.

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Messy Ponytail

One of the most basic of hair updos, the messy ponytail is a no-fuss look that can be sported for almost any occasion. This style is also a perfect match with any outfit.


Messy ponytails are best done on a day’s old hair so as to have better grip. Pull your hair up and gather it at the crown of the head. Fasten it into a high ponytail. Take a 1-inch section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the pony to hide the elastic. Playing with this style only gives it more of the mess you want, so feel free to twirl, scrunch, and massage your tresses all day!

Optional: Spray on some hair spray to add more volume.

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Messy Top Bun

Uber chic and effortless, the messy bun is most often the go-to running late hairstyle. This hairstyle is also quick fix if you’re having a bad hair day. You can accessorize it with a headband for that added oomph.


Brush all your hair back. Tease the top of the crown with the teasing brush. Gather all your hair at the back of your head and start twisting the length of your tresses. Loop the hair through a hair elastic. Spread the bun out and secure with pins. Pull out a few face-framing strands for a casual look.

Optional:  Finish with a light-hold hairspray.

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French Braid

Effortlessly graceful and easy to sport, the casual French braid is a fun way to style your locks this season. Be it a girls’ day out or a lunch date, this hairdo is a perfect fit for all the occasions.


Brush hair and remove all tangles. Gather hair at top of head; divide into three sections. Cross the sections. Add hair to the section. Add hair to the section on the other side. Repeat adding hair and crossing sections. Secure the braid at the end with a band.

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Twisted Updo

Apt for high street fashion, this hairstyle can make you get the looks of a supermodel at a runway show. This chic and simple has never been easier to pull off.


This style works best on greasy hair. Gently twist your hair from the nape of your neck to the ends, then begin to coil it. Secure the roll with a clutch clip and use bobby pins to secure flyaways.

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Loose Side Braid Half Updo

If you have short hair which you are trying to grow out and the bangs keep sticking to your forehead this is the style for you.


Braid your bangs by dividing into three sections, keep adding more hair and secure the braid with a bobby pin.

Optional: Tame flyaways with a light hold hairspray

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Simple Back Tuck

A hairstyle that’s totally eccentric. The hair updo is perfect for short hair. Uber stylish and manageable, definitely worth a try.


Smooth your hair down and tuck it in midway. Secure with a bobby pin or a thin barrette.

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Half Updo Knot

Accessorizing always adds fun to any hairdo. This updo is a chirpy hairdo to go for. Pair it up with some nice funky clutches and rock any outfit.


Start by taking two pieces of hair from each side of your head and pulling them backwards until they cross over each other. After you’ve crossed them over a small clutch and pin the knot in place at the back of your head.

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Do let us know which hairstyle worked best for you!

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