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FICCI FLO Jaipur recently organized an event ‘Style, Substance and Success’ with renowned bollywood actress, Padma Shri Raveena Tandon. During the interactive session, Tandon threw light on motherhood, condition of women, her beauty secrets, among other interesting things. The actress was in conversation with the newly appointed FICCI FLO Jaipur Chairperson, Neha Dhadda.  Below are some interesting excerpts from the conversation:

Raveena Tandon in conversation with Neha Dhadda

On Qualities to live by

Compassion, kindness, and emotional depth are three traits that have had a profound impact on Tandon’s persona. According to the actress, these qualities are essential for creating a better world. Tandon firmly believes that to be a successful human being, it is necessary to first be successful within oneself. In covid-19 the actress gained a valuable insight that all our lives are ultimately about happiness – not materialistic but emotional happiness.

On her Beauty Secrets

When asked about the secret to her beauty and radiant glow, Tandon attributed it to her genetics, mentioning that her father also had a glowing complexion. “My father used to glow like a light bulb!”, she said. However, she also emphasized the importance of self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Tandon shared that she prioritizes healthy eating, with all of her meals cooked in desi ghee, a traditional Indian clarified butter. In terms of physical exercise, the actress disclosed that she does not enjoy going to the gym and instead opts for more calming and meditative practices such as yoga and swimming.

On her diverse roles in Bollywood

Tandon discussed the diversity of her work and how it has allowed her to break away from the monotony of the film industry. She emphasized that she does not believe in doing things that are run-of-the-mill and always strives to push herself beyond her comfort zone. Tandon recalled a time in the early 90s when actresses were often stereotyped as either “art house cinema” or “commercial heroines.” However, she was determined not to be boxed in by such narrow categories. Throughout her career, Tandon has successfully transitioned between different genres and roles, earning the acceptance of audiences in films as diverse as the comedy classic Andaaz Apna Apna and the hard-hitting drama Shool.

While answering a question about a fictional character that she would like to play, Tandon said that she would want to play the role of Charlie Chaplin as there are very few people who can make one cry while laughing.

On Bringing up children

Raveena adopted two girls aged 11 years and 8 years at the age of just 21 and also has two biological children. Reflecting on her experiences as a mother of four, Tandon emphasized the importance of being a positive role model for one’s children. She believes that leading by example is the best way to teach children important values and life skills. Tandon shared that her adopted daughters have now become her best friends, and she often imparts the same wisdom that her own mother shared with her. She believes that honesty and transparency are key to building strong bonds with one’s children and advocates for never sugarcoating things. Tandon is also a firm believer in the importance of discipline for one’s children.

On Being a Woman

Tandon is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment and believes that women possess innate qualities that make them unique and powerful. According to her, multitasking comes naturally to women and she believes that Indian women, in particular, embody the true form of Devi – the Goddess.

Tandon acknowledges that women are born givers and have an innate maternal instinct that makes them nurturing and caring. However, she also acknowledges that the condition of women in many parts of the world is still quite dismal, particularly in war-torn countries where women are denied basic rights and subjected to unspeakable atrocities.

On Politics

Raveena Tandon’s stance on joining politics is a testament to her strong convictions and principles. Though she has received offers from several political parties across India, she remains steadfast in her belief that she has yet to come across a party whose ideologies align with her own.

Tandon believes that her voice is free and unafraid, and that joining a political party would risk compromising that freedom. However, she also believes in the power of positive change and the importance of keeping an open mind. Tandon stated that she subscribes to the “never say never” attitude and would consider joining a party if she felt that she could make a positive difference.

Raveena Tandon in Jaipur
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