The School Day: A Quarantine Story by Bhavya Khatri

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The favorite day of Tiya was finally here! The day she waits for, Monday, was here again after a long wait of 6 days. On Monday, she does not have normal school lectures like other days, but she has her sports classes in school which are commenced under the guidance of Miss Shirley, the badminton coach of her school and the teacher who has been teaching her since last 6 years. She woke up just like she used to wake up every Monday morning, enthusiastically and of course, super excited to play her favorite sport. To her, badminton was her career. She quickly took a shower and got ready, wearing her sports uniform and hanging her badminton racket over her shoulder. She was expecting some fruit juice and chocos, laid on the dining table, for her breakfast that gave her energy to survive all day long in hot sun. She stepped into the dining room and finding no sign of food, went to her mom to ask the reason behind it. Her mom was sleeping.

Just then, she recalled a news being broadcasted on the television. The country was being locked down today. An expression of sadness blew over her fair, pink face. She could not play badminton now, for a whole month! No school, no friends, no outgoings! Her life had come to a stop. Not just Tiya, the whole world’s life had come to a great stop. She was greatly upset and depressed. She sat on a chair. Though she was just 12, her mind could not stop thinking of the world’s condition. Tiya was worried about the economy and life of poor. All what she wanted now was to lie down on her bed with her cute, white puppy, Jacky to relieve and calm her mind a bit. Just as she got up from the chair, she saw her mother standing behind her. On seeing her daughter dressed up in uniform, she reminded her of the lockdown. Tiya just nodded and went back to her room and lied down.

As she lay on the bed, all of this started to surround her mind. Just then, she realized that if she would be upset, how will her mom be happy? After all, she was a caring and intelligent girl. And badminton is not just supposed to be played in the school campus or under the guidance of Miss Shirley.A thought popped up in her small, yet fast mind. She quickly put on some sporty clothes and decided to play a match with her mom. She asked went to her and asked her if she could be her opponent in the game. Her mom agreed happily. While her mom was having her quick breakfast, she quickly set up the net on the terrace below the roof shade and brought another racket for her mom.

They started with some warmup and began playing. The game was going on very smoothly with no sign of Tiya losing. But it did not go for too long. Her mom hit a great shot.

While Tiya went to pick up the shuttlecock that had flowen away by her mom’s fast shot, her mom just looked at her and smiled, seeing her goal being accomplished: to see Tiya happy in this sad time.

– Bhavya Khatri



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  1. It was a gr8 story Bhavya. Fantastic efforts made by u . Really loved the story 😃 and I could totally relate to it.
    Do write more please, looking forward for your most posts.

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