Top 5 Restaurants for Sushi in Jaipur

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Sushi is a Japanese dish of prepared vinegared rice, usually with some sugar and salt, accompanying a variety of ingredients, such as seafood and vegetables. Sushi has become widely popular in Jaipur. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are enjoying this Japanese delicacy. However, it can get a little difficult searching for good sushi near me in the city preparing authentic and fresh Sushi since Jaipur city is full of diverse cultures and heritage and also offers various kinds of cuisines. 

Here is our list of sushi restaurants in Jaipur which you can read more here in this article and you will fall in love with for the variety, creativity and use of fresh ingredients.

1. Chao Chinese Bistro by Holiday Inn – Holiday Inn’s popular in-house restaurant Chao Chinese bistro is all set to welcome the gastronomes of Jaipur with an all new Sushi menu. On offer here at Chao is the specially curated Maki and Uramaki menu. These consist of rolls made from vinegared rice, Nori sheet and seafood or vegetables. Apart from this, the Chao Signature Roll and Caterpillar Roll are also available to satisfy the Sushi cravings of Jaipurites.

2. Okra by Jaipur Marriott – the multi-cuisine restaurant at Jaipur Marriott boasts of delicious, fresh and innovative sushi dishes. A must try here is the gorgeous ‘Sushi Platter’. They also serve ‘Uramaki’ (the inside-out roll), Sashimi, Vegetable Sushi as well as the popularly loved Tuna and Salmon varieties.

3. House of Han, Crowne Plaza – One can try out House of Han’s Japanese menu on special order. If you order a day in advance you can try out their ‘Tempura Fried Sushi’  both in veg and non-veg options, Asparagus Sushi, Mixed Vegetable Sushi and much more.

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4. Dojo – Sushi lovers of Jaipur can rejoice in the fact that Dojo has brought together a delightful curation of Japan’s favourite food—the Sushi. The restaurant has a wide selection of vegetarian Japanese dishes like Maki with Asparagus and Cucumber; Tempura, Tofu Katsu and much more. In non-vegetarian delicacies, one can try Salmon and Tuna Maki along with Dojo Signature Rolls like the California Roll and Dragon Roll.

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5. Meraaki Kitchen – One of the top rated vegetarian restaurants of the city Meraaki Kitchen also serves delicious vegetarian sushi. This includes Asparagus Tempura Roll, Spicy Shitaake Roll, Inari Sushi, Kimbap Maki, Edmame California Rolls and much more

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