The 7th Edition of the Ballet Expose to Return to Jaipur on 4 June

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The 7th edition of the Ballet Exposé will be organised on 4 June at the Maharana Pratap Auditorium in Jaipur. This year, the ballet expose is themed ‘Nature Nurtures Art’ meaning how nature inspires creativity and is beautifully expressed through the movement of our body. As many as 50 participants between the ages of 5 to 45 years will perform Ballet and Salsa dance forms to authentic Latin, Classical and Bollywood tunes. This was informed by Mrs Adittee S Mansingka, the founder of Stripes Inc which is organizing the event in association with Muskaan, a joint initiative of Education For All Trust with Prabha Khaitan Foundation.

File Photo of Ballet Expose performance

Mrs Sumitra Ray, Student Programme Advisor, Prabha Khaitan Foundation said: “We at the Prabha Khaitan Foundation believe in nurturing creativity and artistic development. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Stripes Inc this year for the 7th Ballet Expose in Jaipur, to help promote ballet as a dance form and to explore children’s creativity and interest.”

File photo of Ballet Expose performance

The show will be focused on beautiful Russian Ballet sequences performed by young teenage girls and ladies. It will also be a one-of-its-kind ballet, ballroom and Latin dance showcase where the participants will dance to authentic Latin music and classical Ballet music pieces. There will also be a unique Ballet and Bharatnatyam fusion dance sequence. The purpose of the Ballet Exposé is to promote Ballet as a dance form and attain recognition from the masses. It also aims to promote uniqueness in the minds of children and adults and how to move out of the box and dance with their hearts and soul.

About Stripes Inc.

Stripes Inc is an events company which primarily organizes culturally rich programs/workshops. The main focus of the company is to initiate innovative programs in the city. Under its aegis, Stripes, in 2022, introduced the Ballet dance form for the first time in Jaipur which gradually gained widespread popularity. Till now, over 300 girls and ladies have been trained under this initiative

About Muskaan

Muskaan seeks to popularize and teach arts, culture, heritage and literature among the young children in India by weaving them into the formal and informal education system. This is done by engaging students in diverse activities like cultural programmes, story-telling, theatre, dance, music and performing arts which is organized in collaboration with our national and international institutes and associations. Muskaan also supports needy and marginalized students by providing them with tuition/coaching classes; stationeries and study materials; distributing nutritious food and providing basic hygiene amenities. Shree Cement Ltd supports Muskaan under their CSR.

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