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Beauty Tips: Up your style game with these chic and easy hairstyles for summer

Soaring temperatures are a major hurdle for achieving good hair. Jaipur heat tends to spoil any hairdo we spend thousands on at the priciest parlours. Beautifully styled bangs get sweaty and stick to the forehead, hair poofs up thanks to humidity, snowfall of dandruff graces our shoulder. […]

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Beauty Tips: OIL OIL GO AWAY!

Summers can aggravate the skin to produce more oil for people with oily as well as normal skin. Excessive oil production on the skin can cause acne and whiteheads. Removing oil from the face is essential to maintain a healthy and clean skin. Many of us make […]

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This Make Up Artist in Jaipur is making waves with her brush

Make Up Artist in Jaipur

Gone are the days of beauty parlours and salons to glam up for your D-Day. Make Up by professional make up artists is a trend that is fast picking pace in Jaipur. Here is a little chit-chat with one of the most popular make up artist in […]

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Hair Tips: Make Sure Your Hair Stays Healthy This Summer

Jaipur has hit skyrocket temperatures with scorching 40 degrees and hot loo blowing the dirt and dust into your hair. Hair damage is inevitable in this heat, especially for those travelling on two-wheelers. The UV and sweat combined together will make your hair dry, brittle, greasy and […]

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Beauty Tips : Sweat Proof Makeup for the Jaipur Summer

This Summer makes sure your make up stays in place. Follow some of our quick tips to keep looking fresh and perfect all day!

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Homemade Face Packs for the Jaipur Summer

Summers have approached the city of Jaipur. The temperatures have skyrocketed to 40 degrees Celsius already. For all those who are roaming around in the sun are imitating a chameleon and changing colours every few minutes. Guys, we all know TAN IS IMMINENT, whether you spend 10 […]

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Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Skin from the Jaipur Heat

It’s that time of the year again, when the blazing desert sun will hit you out of nowhere. One day you’re all fine and dandy feeling the pleasant wind in your hair and the next minute you are going up in flames under the sweltering Jaipur sun. […]

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