5 Organisational Tips for your Stationery

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For those of you who have a stationery hoarding problem and have pens, pencils and markers piling up in different corners of your house, we bring to you some great organisation tips this #WorldStationeryDay.

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1. Lay Out All Your Stationery Before You

When you are organising, decluttering is also an important step. It is important to keep only the things you will be using in the future and chuck out the rest.

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2. Find Cheap Storage Containers

Check out Amazon or your neighbourhood storage shop. Look for general containers you would usually consider for storing stationery. These can include:

a) Bathroom Containers

b) Cardboard Boxes

c) Mason Jars

d) Divider Boxes

e) Ziplock Bags

f) Gift Boxes

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3. Decorate Your Containers

Transform your ordinary containers into something interesting by customising to your preference. You can cover your boxes with recycled papers and paint over it. You can label your containers to find stuff easier. You can also add glitter and crepe papers to add some glamour to your  stationery.

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4. Repurpose Magazine Holders

You can fit in scraps of papers or leftover sheets from any old projects into any magazine holder. You can decorate it using colours outside the containers.

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5. Jars are great too!

You can reuse old candle jars or even jam jars to store you pens and pencils. The jars are perfect to see the colour of your pens and pencils from the top.

Hope these tips will help you in organizing your stationery better.

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