Here are 5 products our beauty blogger swears by for a fresh and flawless look all day

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives many of us don’t have time for a full-blown beauty regime every morning. We tend to forgo make up just to get out on time or the avoid ending up looking like a raccoon at the end of a full day; make up melted all over our face. Here are 5 of our holy grail make up products which will keep you looking fresh and flawless throughout the day without eating up a huge chunk of time.

  1. BB or CC cream

Trust me on this ladies! A good BB or CC cream is seriously worth the investment. It gives you light coverage which helps you look dewy and fresh with the added benefit of not being too heavy, cakey and melting down your face.

My current favorite is the ‘Lakme Complexion Care Face Cream’ or ‘Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream’. I keep going back and forth between the two. Both products are reasonably priced at Rs. 275 and Rs. 225 respectively. Lakme CC Cream comes in 2 different shade; Brone and Beige. Whereas, Maybelline BB Cream comes in 3 different shades; Natural, Radiance and Nude.

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  1. Eyeliner

Get your hands on the blackest eyeliner! Doesn’t have to be anything too expensive or waterproof. Just a good cat eyeliner look can transform your face. No need for eyeshadows or trying to spend hours recreating a smokey eye.

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My forever favourite has always been the ‘Lakme Insta Liner’ .  I sincerely hope they never stop making this one because I don’t know what I will switch to! No matter how many new eyeliners come out in the market I will always repurchase this miracle product. It is so easy to apply and lasts for so long. Gives a smooth finish and doesn’t smudge throughout the day. Priced at Rs. 115 it is a serious bargain.


  1. Eyebrow Pencil

Never underestimate the power of good eyebrows. Many of us overlook these beauties. But the truth is with a little maintenance a pair of well-groomed brows you can transform your entire face. Thick brows are all in the range these days.

My favourite is the ‘Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper’. This product gives you full naturally-filled eyebrows with every little effort. With brow pencil on one end and brow powder on the other, this 2-in-1 brow pencil gives you the perfect finish. Comes in 2 different shades Grey and Brow. Personally, I feel ‘Brown’ looks more natural.

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  1. Lipstick

A little lipstick never hurt anyone. On a bad day there is nothing like a good lipstick to pick you up. Be it a comfortable peachy pale one or a full frontal attack with a hot red.

Personally, I found it very hard to pick favourites, there’s just too many. But I have always been a fan of the ‘Colobar Matte Touch Lipstick’ range. They are well priced products by a brand that believes in maintaining quantity as well quality. I own ‘Fairy Tale’ and ‘Tooty Frooty’ by this range. The lipsticks are priced at Rs. 475 only.

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  1. Blush

Many believe that one doesn’t need any other make up as long as they have Blush. A healthy flush helps in highlighting the cheekbones incredibly.

My personal favorite is the ‘Essence Silky Touch Blush’ range. I personally own ‘Life is Cherry’ but the other shades are also wearable and perfect for day and night time looks.  Priced at Rs. 349 only, this product is a must have for your make up bag. However, these need to be purchased online as I don’t think Indian stores are stocking these currently.


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Here is my finished look using all 5 products and nothing else.

Tell us your 5 or more holy grail products that you simply can’t live without!

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