After the first film, it doesn’t matter whose son or daughter you are: Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan in Jaipur
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The women entrepreneurs of Pink City could not help being charmed by the suave demeanor, witty retorts and enlightened ideas and thoughts of Junior Bachchan who was in Jaipur recently for a session ‘The Quintessential Gentleman’ organized by FICCI FLO Jaipur Chapter. The renowned Bollywood actor was in conversation with the Chapter’s Chairperson Mudrika Dhoka. Below are some interesting excerpts from their conversation:

abhishek bachchan
Abhishek Bachchan in conversation with Mudrika Dhoka

The short-lived ‘arrival’

Recalling his journey in Bollywood, Abhishek said that when he started off it was an uphill task to prove his talent. However, after Dhoom became a hit at the box office, he felt like he has finally ‘arrived’. Elaborating further, Junior Bachchan narrated an interesting anecdote of the success party of Dhoom at a hotel JW Marriott near his home. “Even though I had been to the hotel many times, this time when I entered the lobby of the hotel, it felt different. People recognized me. My childhood friend Hrithik Roshan, who had become a big star by then and was a heartthrob of many, too was there to congratulate me. I vividly remember him saying your struggle starts now! Now you have something to lose.”

While returning early in the morning from the hotel, Bachchan felt happy and proud about his first successful film. “I felt like I have finally arrived, I have become a star,” he said. “I signed autographs and met people who were out for their early morning job. However, this feeling was short-lived. When I reached home and rang the doorbell and my father opened the door, I realized this is the greatness I come home to. At that moment, I felt like I have achieved nothing and there is still a long way to go. So instead of going to bed, I went to work.”

The heartbreaking headline

On being asked a pre-social media era headline that broke his heart, “The Quintessential Gentleman” shared another interesting incident. The actor was in Chandigarh for a film promotion press conference. Two magazine representatives of Outlook magazine brought to him an issue, which had him on the cover, for a photograph. The headline read: “Zero No. 1”. “That magazine is still on my desk and I look at it every morning before going to work.  One day I will prove them wrong and they will have me on the cover again with the headline “Hero No. 1”. In fact, I stick all the negative reviews about me on my bathroom mirror and highlight my weaknesses. My quest is that with every review the highlighted marks should be fewer”, said Bachchan.

However, gradually I started looking at criticism as free advice for becoming a better actor. “Treat it like it is water off a duck’s back!”, said the actor while sharing Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s advice to him on dealing with criticism.

Big B is my best friend

Talking about the relationship with his father, Junior B shared that Big B is his best friend. He said that his father is a great inspiration and one should aspire to be like him. “He is going to turn 80 this year and even now he starts his day at 6.30 am. The way he dealt with adversities in his life with quiet dignity and grace, has taught me a lot”, he further added.

Abhishek shared that once he asked his father how it feels to have over a thousand people gather every Sunday for the last 40 years just to wave at him. He didn’t answer the question until the next day. “The only thing I think about is whether they will come back next Sunday. It constantly motivates me to go back to work and improve myself so that these guys turn up again next week”, said Abhishek quoting Big B’s heartwarming response.

Nepotism has been misinterpreted

On being asked about his views on nepotism, Bachchan said that nepotism is not just in Bollywood. In fact, it is a part of everyday life and there is nothing wrong with it. Every parent does what he/she can to make their children achieve what they aspire to, opined the actor. “The whole discussion around nepotism has become skewered for convenience. Star kids have access and that’s their only advantage. After the first film, it doesn’t matter whose son or daughter you are. You only get what you deserve”, said Junior B.

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