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A Bangalore based artist,Aarti Karwayun, rocked the streets of Jaipur with her artistic posters on Wednesday, 5 August. What originally started as a project –– in Sweden by two artists 8 years ago, was brought in India by Aarti, along with her husband, Rahul.


The idea behind this is to use the street as a medium of artistic expression so that it can reach and connect with the common masses, for whom the museums and art galleries are inaccessible.  This innovative mode, which has earlier been immensely successful in Bangalore and Goa, is now going to be seen in Jaipur.  Aarti is keen on bringing this form of art in the Pink city because this is where she had studied and honed her skills in fine arts.”This project is created by enthusiasts with the purpose of broadcasting artistic and social statements, thoughts and texts in forms that are independent of museums, galleries and other such institutions”, says Aarti.


What is interesting about this project is that all her posters are accompanied with an inspirational and positivity messages in Hindi so that it can reach the laymen and the common man on the street. For instance, ‘Jiyo, Jiyo, Jiyo’ (Live, Live, Live); ‘Hum sab main hai sundarta’ (we are all beautiful), ‘Muskurao, har din bada accha hai ‘ (Smile, everyday is a good day).


Aarti  affixed 22 posters across the city at places like tea stalls, Narayan Singh circle, WTP, 22 Godown, JKK, Badi Chaupad, Choti Chaupad, near colleges like ICG, Kanodia and Rajasthan College of Arts at Kishanpole. The expenses for these posters are borne by Aarti herself.


Anyone who would want to bring this form of art and expression in their city is welcome to do so. You can visit for further details.

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