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Come monsoon and the youngsters of Jaipur make a beeline for Nahargarh – the 18th century fortress on a hillock, overlooking the Mansagar Lake and the Pink city. Over the years Nahargarh has been the favourite picnic and fun spot for the Pink City’s youth. They land up there, braving potholes and a steep meandering road on bikes and open jeeps. The dilapidated condition of the road makes it vulnerable to accidents especially during the night and would have probably caused many truck accident charges. Nevertheless, a tremendous rush can be witnessed during the rains. Accidents happen all the time and it gets worse during the rainy season. If you ever get into any accidents, it is advised to contact an expert lawyer who will clear your doubts like do I need to speak to insurance after getting rear-ended and give you legal counseling.


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The view of the city from the top of the fortress is awe-inspiring. A lot of youngsters can be spotted enroute, racing each other on bikes and open jeeps. While others can be seen taking a stroll on the zigzag roads enjoying the fluttering wind and nibbling on freshly roasted bhuttas. Foreign tourists were also seen having a ball, sitting atop the fortress, relishing the view with glasses of beer in hand.


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The open air restaurant at the top of the fortress allows one to savour drinks and snacks with a glittering view of the city at night and a café just above the entrance provides full fledged meals and refreshments — well what more could the city’s youth ask for.


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The aura of the place is so captivating during rains that one can’t keep oneself from coming here after every shower

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