Event Update: Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with Maahi Roj from 14 April to 24 April

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To mark the Upcoming Earth Day, 10 day celebration through Heritage Walks, Talks, and Workshops – ‘Maahi Roj’ will be held in Jaipur.

When and Where:

From 14 April to 24 April
11 am to 8.30 pm
At Anantaya, Hotel Narain Niwas

What’s it about:

Maahi Roj, an effort to celebrate Earth day is a  10-day showcase of  innovative crafts and heritage material culture representing ethical fashion, food and lifestyle products. Focusing on concurrent themes like, the Planet’s Potential, Wishes for our Wonderful World, and ‘emotionally durable’ crafts and design.

What’s in store:

Maahi Roj is all set to come up with a string of events that include workshops, talks, heritage walks, all of which will be carried on by experts in the field. One can also shop for the latest collections of sustainable arts during the event and can get a first-hand experience from experienced artisans and experts.

Organizer of the Show, Geetanjali Kasliwal says:

“Maahi Roj, meaning Earth Day Everyday, by AnanTaya, is an ongoing experience of Unearthing the Planet’s Potential for sustainability in collaboration with like-minded thinkers.  With our eco-conscious, small footprint, users of natural, organic and recycled materials we produce a 10-day showcase of heritage and innovative crafts representing ethical fashion and lifestyle products.”

Maahi Roj
Maahi Roj

For more info log on to: http://maahiroj.com/



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