Government to Collect Artist Database through Crowdsourcing Initiative

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The State Government has decided to collect the database of artists through Crowdsourcing initiative across Rajasthan and is the first State in the country to take this initiative.  

Ms Mugdha Sinha, Secretary, Art and Culture Department, Government of Rajasthan and Director General, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur said that the Art, Literature and Culture department had launched ‘Mukhyamantri Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana’ (Chief Minister Folk Artist Encouragement Scheme) to extend help to the folk artists on April 11, 2020. The Government by spending Rs 9 lakh had supported 337 artists.

Taking it further, she said that details about the artists across the State will be collected through crowdsourcing initiative. Crowdsource according to is to utilise (labour, information etc.) contributed by the general public (to a project), often via the internet.

Ms Sinha said that Art, Literature and Culture Minister Dr BD Kalla on 10 October 2020, will launch this initiative at 11 am. She said the Call for Artist Database includes basic details along with the genre of art forms including performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, dying arts, wandering arts (ghoomantu), folk arts, tribal arts and others.

She said, “Reaching out to and involving stakeholder artists themselves in collecting this data through Google Form is truly participative policy-making and inclusive approach. With the database of artists, the government can extend necessary help to them.”

Performing artists’ options in music include vocalist, instrumentalists and others; Performing arts options in films/television include actor/actress, director, producer/line producer, scriptwriter, make-up artists and others; performing art options in dance include classical, contemporary, western, folk, tribal and others, and performing art options in other art forms include drama/theatre/nukkad natak/tamasha, trapeze artist or nats.

Similarly, Visual art option in paint arts include watercolour, oil/acrylic, sketch art, mandala art, printmaking, woodcut, embroidery art, digital art, graphic art and others; Visual art options in other art forms  include sculpture, ceramics, pottery including blue pottery, textile block makers, rangoli/mandana/floor or wall art, jewellery thewa or minakari or kundan, tattoo/godna and others

Literary art options include writer, translator, editor, publisher, poet and genealogist while wandering minstrel of ghoomantu includes Kesh sajja artists, circus, puppetry, behroopias and others. The other heuristic (handcraft genres) includes knitting, embroidery, crochet, shuttle, photography, carpentry and others.

Ms Sinha informed that how to fill the Google Form will be demonstrated as part of the launch for which email to submit will be and the last date will be November 10, 2020.

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