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Any travel itinerary of Jaipur is incomplete if it does not include the famous Rawat Kachori on its list. If you haven’t tried ‘Rawat ki kachori’ or got some of it packed for your ‘kachori’ craving niece in Gujarat or your family back home in Mumbai, you’re missing out on a quintessential element of the Pink City. Each and every time one visits Jaipur, be it for business or leisure, it is almost mandatory to stop at this outlet. 

Rawat Kachori


Considered a favourite tea time snack but eaten at just about anytime of the day (even before and after a full meal) is the world famous ‘kachoris’ at ‘Rawat Mishthan Bhandar’. Popularly known as ‘Rawat ki Kachori’, one will find the best and most lip smacking onion ‘kachoris’ – cooked lentils and onions, wrapped in wheat pastry (all grown on the owner’s farmhouse in Jodhpur) and mercilessly soaked in oil. Not the healthiest of snacks, but it’s an experience!

When asked why the ubiquitous romance of the kachori and chutney is not present at Rawat kachori, Mr Bhudev Deora proudly says that such is the flavour of these ‘kachoris’ that an ordinary condiment like chutney is not needed.

Rawat Kachori2

A monsoon respite or as an accomplice of ‘garam chai’ during winters, these hot ‘kachoris’ are famous amongst Jaipur’s who’s who and also provide a staple snack for the lesser ones. Started in the year 1972 in Jaipur at only 50 paise, these ‘kachoris’ have come a long way. Not only popular within the country but are now also travelling halfway across the world with increasing demands coming from countries like Singapore, Dubai and USA. Priced at just Rs 25 now, these ‘kachoris’ sell like hot cakes all year round especially over the weekends and holidays.

With a staff of over 200 dedicated to this culinary art, working from 6 in the morning to 8 at night, Rawat Misthan Bhandaar is in its 4th Generation of ownership. One of the city’s oldest landmarks, Rawat ki Kachori has also won the Trip Advisor Award for excellence in 2014.


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