3 lesser known museums in Jaipur you must visit

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Jaipur, commonly known as the City of Palaces, hosts some amazing museums which boast of some rare collections of crafts and culture.

Pink city is well known for its exceptionally beautiful locations, cultural sites, astonishing palaces and a few more tourist spots. But this city is fairly preserving some unique and old tradition for the explorers. It can be seen through these  unique 3 museums.

Dolls Museum

Location: Near Albert Hall, JLN Marg

It has a wide range of attractive dolls. In the same way the Dolls Museum is the most striking destination of the city Jaipur which is located nearby Albert Hall, at Trimurti Circle. Built in the 1974 this museum presents culture and tradition of various places through the colourful dolls which will take everyone back into their childhood.

Every museum is special and particularly this place is much interesting as it is filled with dolls and puppets in various bright and amazing attires. This is an attractive museum, which holds an impressive collection of figurines and puppets which are of various states and regions. The fascinating collection of toys belonging to other countries and culture grab the attention of several travelers. Visiting this mesmerizing location will be a memorable experience as one can see various dolls in traditional apparels of numerous states. Along with the Indian state dolls there are a few alluring puppets that belong to different nations. A few stunning dolls are seen in attires resembling the national dress of different countries, bridal wear, dancing costumes and other glamorous apparels. This museum preserves numerous beautiful dolls and puppets which are extremely beautiful and visiting this magnificent Doll Museum will surely be a delightful experience for every traveler.

Turban Museum

Location: Kukas Road

One of the premier tourist attractions in the city, the Jaipur Turban Museum houses the largest collection of turbans in the world.

The turban is known to be a must for the men of Rajasthan. There are two categories of turbans. The ten-meter long Safa is tied everyday. It is said to be the symbol of a man’s personality, his position and ancestry. The 22-meter long Pag is tied once and worn till it needs a wash. A trip of the Turban Museum in Jaipur reveals that the turbans are still very much in use in the inner parts of Jaipur and Rajasthan as a whole. In fact, in many places it is considered to be bad etiquette to come out of the house without a turban.

The Jaipur Turban Museum has all kinds of turbans in thousands of color combinations. Made of a variety of fabrics, different turbans are used for different occasions.

Bright colors signify birth of a child, or marriage in the family. Dark colors mean there’s been a death. In fact, you can become a laughing stock if you wear the wrong kind of turban at a wrong place.

Museum of Hand Printing

Location: Anokhi Haveli, Near Badrinath Temple, Kheri Gate, Amber

This museum is a must visit for all the craft & block print lovers. Anokhi Museum houses the world’s best block painting garments and is a cultural endeavor of Anokhi clothing brand. This museum exhibits the oldest art form of Rajasthani art at its very best. Detailed explanation about every cloth is mentioned along with the quality of fabric and various other details.

Anokhi Museum holds a UNESCO certification and houses more than a hundred garments. The main purpose of this museum is to promote the oldest art form of Rajasthan. Other then the exhibits, the Museum organizes various educational programs and workshops to focus on various aspects of this ancient craft. There are various demonstrations related to block carving, print making, and block carving, etc. for all the visitors on a daily basis.

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