Italian food with an Indian twist at the Go Indiano Food Fest at The Lalit Jaipur

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The Lalit Jaipur’s 24/7 is hosting the ‘Go Indiano’ Food Festival till 27 August. As the name suggests, the fest features a fusion of Italian and Indian cuisine. Executive Chef, Lenin, who has curated the festival, shares: ” The people of Jaipur have a strong liking for Italian food. And Indian cuisine is one of my favourites because of the variety it offers.” Thus, the chef has combined the two and curated an Indo-Italian menu for the food lovers.

Dishes like Uttapam Lasagne, Kadhai Paneer Pizza, Zaffrani Risotto and Tea-Ra-Misu are suggestive of the fusion that the festival intends to bring out.

Masala Papad with Peach Iced Tea

The Uttapam Lasagne is essentially a stack of uttapams with curry leaf pesto and coconut chutney in between.   The Kadhai Paneer Pizza is a margherita pizza topped with kadai paneer, jalfrezi vegetables and kachumber salad. And if you are wondering what ‘Tea-Ra-Misu’ is, here’s the answer: It is the regular tiramisu with a flavouring of Masala Tea.

Uttapam Lasagne

We suggest that you must try the Kadhai Paneer Pizza, Tea-ra-misu and the Parmesan Creme Brulee.  The Uttapam Lasagne, however, seems to be missing out on the fusion element which is the USP of the festival.

Tea-ra-misu (Don’t miss the little tea cup on top)
Parmesan Creme Brulee

Go Indiano Food Festival is on at The Lalit Jaipur from 7.00 pm to 10.30 pm till 27 August. It is a Vegetarian Fest only and has an a-la-carte menu.



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