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There is no denying that motherhood can be exciting and exhausting at once. With nuclear families becoming the norm, it is all the more challenging for new moms to raise a child. Since most of us look for solutions to our problems online these days, there is a new digital community that has come to the rescue of mothers – expectant, new, or even experienced.  This is the community of mom bloggers, also popularly known as “Momfluencers” (Mom Influencers). From parenting hacks to dealing with postpartum symptoms, these mom blogs talk about all facets of motherhood. While some of them like to make videos sharing their tips and experiences, others like to pen it down as long posts on social media or their websites. Let’s introduce you to some popular Jaipur Mom Bloggers :

Sharing the Motherhood Journey

Motherhood can be quite a rollercoaster ride. What started out as a diary to record the different emotions a new mother goes through eventually turned into a popular mom blog – ‘MumzCub’. Run by Priyanka Singhal, the USP of the blog is its engaging content comprising of creative videos with her adorable little son. From healthy recipes for kids to tips on handling the stubbornness of children, her blog is a go-to for all mommies out there. “This blog gave me an identity and other moms were so inspired with my work that I have even conducted blogging classes for them. However, being regular with the blog and giving it time is definitely a challenge with a kid around”, shares Priyanka, who has been blogging for around three years now.

Jaipur mom bloggers
Priyanka Singhal

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Lending a hand

Mother to a one-year-old toddler, Srishty Singh joined the mom blogger community in March this year. “Ever since I embarked on the motherhood journey, I knew I wanted to share the adventurous journey of motherhood through my personal experiences with the other moms out there. Not with the objective of influencing them but to help them in whichever way possible”, shares Srishty. Apart from product recommendations for toddlers, she also gives fashion and make-up tips for women.

Jaipur mom bloggers
Srishty Singh

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Parenting is fun

Priyanka Jain started her mom blog with the idea of showcasing to the world that parenting can be a lot of fun. Mother to two adorable little girls, Priyanka talks about nutrition, fitness, kids’ fashion, fun learning activities for children, and lots more on her blog. “I started the blog to document the memories I am making with my little ones. I love talking about healthy parenting and fun learning with my audience”, shares Priyanka.

Jaipur mom bloggers
Priyanka Jain

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Supporting Mom Entrepreneurs

A mother of two teenagers, Rachna Kaushik’s blog is focused on empowering Jaipur’s ‘Mompreneurs’ (Entrepreneur Moms). From giving tips on how to grow one’s enterprise as well as inspirational chats with businesswomen, JaipurMomss is a great platform for business networking as well. Apart from this, she also spreads the word about interesting events happening in the city for moms and mompreneurs. Talking about the challenges she faces as a mom blogger, Rachana says: “Though I was running a group on Facebook for the last seven years, I am new on Instagram and that itself is a challenge for me. Apart from that, getting my teenagers to pose for a pic for a blog is yet another challenge.”

Rachna Kaushik

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While most women start these blogs to document their motherhood journey and its memorable moments, it is indeed fast emerging as a lucrative career option. With more and more brands using influencer marketing to advertise their products, mom blogging is a great profession for new mothers to take up. It allows one to work according to one’s pace and convenience from the comfort of their homes. Giving a new purpose to life, it may also help in reducing the postpartum depression new mothers go through owing to the loss of one’s professional identity. 

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