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Gone are the days when you could take out your four-legged furry companion only to the backyard, garden or street. With the number of pet-friendly cafes in the city on a rise, you can easily take your pooch or kitty for a day out at the café. According to expert vets from BetterVet Pittsburgh, you need to enjoy watching them socialize and play with other pets while you relax and sip on your favourite brew. There are easily at least a dozen pet-friendly cafes in Jaipur where you as well as your furry friends can have a joyful time. For pet training services, people can read here and get the best services.

The heart of the city, C-Scheme houses various such cafes. Popular coffee roasters and cafés like Halflight, Curious Life as well as bistros like On The House (OTH) and Napoli have an outside area that is pet-friendly. Napoli is one of the few places in town that serves Neapolitan Pizzas and whilst you gorge on them, your dogs and cats can enjoy treats as well as oodles of love they have to offer. While OTH specializes in making delectable dog cakes for celebrating their birthdays, Halflight Coffee Roasters keeps treats, water bowls and also gives an option to the pet owners to get something customized for the pets from the food menu.

Halflight Coffee Roasters_pet-friendly cafes in Jaipur
Halflight Coffee Roasters at C-Scheme
Dog’s birthday cake by OTH

“Pets are a part of one’s family. It gives pet owners immense happiness to bring their pets along rather than leaving them alone at home. Furthermore, animal cruelty is on the rise and we saw an opportunity to sensitize people about how these beings are one of us and they should be treated with love and kindness”, shares Chandrima of Halflight Coffee Roasters while talking about her experience of running a pet-friendly café in the city.

The popular café at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Café Quaint – which is best known for their breakfast menu and coffee – has a lot of space for your pet to run and sniff around. They happily offer boiled vegetables and chicken for your furry friends. Similarly, the newest place in town for Tamil Cuisine at Hotel Clarks Amer – The Library has plenty of green area and treats for the pets. They even have six indie pups to play with and most importantly every member of their team has an extremely caring attitude towards the animals. Town Coffee Jaipur and Rustic are other pet-friendly eateries in the vicinity of JLN Marg.

If you don’t have a pet but love playing with one, then Pawfect in Raja Park is the place for you. Currently, they have three in-house pets – the adorable 10 year old Pug ‘Boozer’, the extremely naughty yet cute 4 month old Chow Chow named ‘Simba’ and a 4 month old kitten ‘Smush Ball’ who’ll definitely turn you into a cat person, if you’re not one. However, if you do have a pet, then their pet special menu is sure going to have your furry friend salivating.  From ‘Pawstas’ and ‘Pizzaws’ to Protein Bowls and Peanut Butter Toast, they have a lot to offer your pets. Since they make the food fresh on order for the pets, it may take a while to arrive. But there’s plenty for their owners to tuck into while the pet’s food arrives.

Pawfect at Raja Park
Napoli in C-Scheme

Talking about the challenges of running a pet-friendly café, Priyamvada Vijay of Pawfect shares: “There is a dire need for awareness and sensitivity among human beings towards animals. A lot of times when the in-house pets are sleeping or eating, the guests force them to play. Parents often don’t inculcate in their children the right way to behave while playing with pets such as not pulling their tails which leads to aggression among the pet. Our staff tries our best to educate the guests about the right etiquette of playing with pets.”

Do let us know if you have visited any of these pet-friendly cafes in Jaipur or if you know of any other cafes do mention them below in the comments section!

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